Official Air Jordan Gamma 11's 12/21/13 NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

Gamma Blue 11's

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Joined Nov 22, 2013
>_> people getting tracking #'s and i've yet to get a shipping email long as i dont get eastbay'd im fine. 
Joined Aug 28, 2013
Just checked my order status on NDC & it's "preparing to ship". They even credited my $25 for next day shipping because I didn't pay attention to the free shipping offer before I submitted my order.. Lol
Joined Mar 14, 2012
Extremely surprised how much I love these IRL vs photos online. Glad I was able to scoop up a few in my size and help out a friend. :smokin
Joined Nov 27, 2012
Congrats to everybody who copped today.

With that being said, I flat out WON today. 2 pair (kept 1, flipped 1 for $300). AND on top of that, my homie let me use his military discount at FTL that made them $148. Profits + Discount had me at $60 for these.

Now I just hope cats is to broke from today to cop the infared 3Lab5s, Yeezy 2s?, and Bred


Staff member
Joined Jan 23, 2007
thanks. i was waiting for dude to post his receipt with the bday coupon since he was going so hard when i said they wouldn't allow it.
He actually posted his receipt earlier today showing discount of $25. So it looks like a YMMV type of thing as we all had suspected.
Jada or the other dude? I know had a could use his because of his status there.
Joined Oct 5, 2013
nice just got email conformation from NDC... mine should arrive on monday by 8pm =) fedex  standard overnight =0 and also got my shipping conformation for my FNL now i can relax =0
Joined Dec 16, 2013
Who really cares if you think they're overrated, they suck, they made too many, etc. Nike succeeded in what they wanted. Anticipation for next year. Period.
Joined Feb 5, 2010
super easy cop..been out of the online game for a month, i come back and no more fnl shipping y'all gotta keep **** on d-low...few reps here n there aint gonna make u friends. but congrats to all that copped!
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