Official Air Jordan I Retro BLACK/ROYAL Thread FEB 2013

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no one ever cared for jordan Is until kanye, frank ocean and other people started wearing them. especially with the black laces. messed it up for everyone. if you love them you love them i guess
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Just appeared 4 minutes ago on NDC here in France for 120 euros.

No crash, were able to cop 2 pairs 
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I bet these are going to be available in bigger numbers soon.
They are in GS sizes, and nothing SUPER limited is ever in GS sizes. Also eastbay has the sock/bootie with the graphic of the shoe on it. The only jordans with those made over the past two years were all GRs, Concord 11s, Fire Red 4s, Black and Red 4s, and Fire Red Vs. All mega GR releases that every shop in America had.
If I don't get them tonight or tomorrow I'm waiting a while, something is wierd here.
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Dont usually post here, but this colorway is one of my favorite Jordan's ever.

Glad i got them. My FL only got 3 10.5s in stock...rocked up 1 hour before opening and was 2nd in line..guy in front of my also after a 10.5. 15 mins or so later, 3 guys arrived, 2 of them after 10.5s too.

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