::Official Air Jordan Retro 3 "Pures" Post::

Dec 14, 1999
05/12/2007 Air Jordan 3 Retro
136064-103 White/Metallic Silver

As always, please keep all discussion related to the "Pure" 3's in this post. All others will be deleted or locked on site.


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Those things scream "custom me!".
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Those things scream "custom me!".

Hope RedBrim comes in and explains how he did his custom job. Good work, IMO.
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the pic with the pures on top of the light box is hot
id prolly get those, but they'd prolly turn blue after 1 wear from my jeans, or black if im goin out black and white

how did redbrim do that? that looks sick! that makes me wanna buy the pures and have that done. :pimp:
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Nicest thing about them are definitely the laces. I'm not gonna spend $125 on some plain white Jordans that'll get dirty the 3rd time I wear them.
These are the ultimate dirt magnet. The material on the 3s midsole is impossible to clean. There is no way i will buy these for that reason. The black cats on the other hand are going to be very easy to clean and i will wait for those. I kind of wish they were both releasing on the same day like last year, oh well.
To all those who plan on copping, check your shoes before you buy them. Factory creases are gonna be a problem with these. I dont promote ordering these things online.
They are fire in person, plus i swapped the laces with my flips, all white laces in the pure $ 3's look better than the cement laces (keeps the clean look).
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whats the quality like, those people who have em?
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wow those customs are awesome. If redbrim would show us how he did it, I'd be down to buy a pair of pures just to try
no matter how many people say they're gonna pass.....im sure this shoe will sell out within hours tommorrw....within 20-30 mins online tonite as well.....good luck to all! hope its an easy cop for everyone thats wants them(no waking up early,no lines)
will work 4 player exclusives!!!
These shouldnt be that hard to do thought chris, its not like you have to draw your own "elephant" print lines like you had to do with your NB`s.

I might be doing this if i can snatch a pair in 2 weeks
Do these come with the print laces or do they come with white laces?
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that custom is sick redbrim...dark cement like that with the white contrast... :pimp:
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Saw em in person I'd rather have flips which I do. These things look like dirt magnets. And smh at those who always say these will hit sales racks when some never do
Easy pass for me
These will sell well in the hood. Young girls love kicks like these and cats will buy em cause they are js but that's every Jordan shoe my bad
so these are GR right? if so im glad i dont have to wait in line. i'll just get them online
Im gonna try to do customs with these joints. They are perfect for it. What is the best paint to use? Both for the midsole (which is painted already) and for the elephant print, what do you use???
Thanks for all the good words on the customs.

These are pretty good to work withm but not as flexible as other shoes because of the Patent.

I'm not really into doing customs as a pastime or a hobby, but I like to mess around with things. Those were my 4th attempt at customs.

I made a pair for Steve of Uptempoair with the original colors of the website. Orange, Purple and Green were what I had to work with and I didn't want to make something looking goofy so this is what I came up with:





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