Official Air Jordan XV Retro Post!

Joined Feb 3, 2007
Hey are there any codes floating around anymore that would allow me to cop for $145 or less? I only have $145.67 in my bank account and don't want to haveto wait until tomorrow to put more money into the account and risk the shoes selling out, although I know that is unlikely...thanks in advance!
Joined Dec 9, 2001
Yeah, i just got online and they still had a full size run available...............These will take a long time to sellout.........they did the right thing bymaking it an online exclusive, hell thats not even making them sell
Joined Nov 4, 2004
Those that get these are the one's that need to finalize their collection. These are not a hot shoe to wear after a few days due the shape they take. Theycalled them the Prada's around my way, because the americas cup Prada's where hot at the time and still are and the red stripe is a copy of their trademark.
Joined Apr 19, 2007
Hey whats up just wondering if I could get an invite I would like to pick these up for the collection Thanks in advance.
Joined Feb 24, 2002
So I these going to show up anywhere else besides Flight Club? I got a membership, but I prefer to see a shoe in person before I buy it. I actually like theXV's, and would like to get a pair, but I hate ordering online.

frank quarry

Joined May 19, 2007
Originally Posted by Carolinakid23

i have 4 invites am willig 2 let go for small fee if your interested email me
Go drink a bottleof bleach...

Originally Posted by Commander Cool 23

Frank Quarry - you are the man thanks.
No problem Fam, unlike some people on here (
) im not gunna try to milk someone for a invite that i got for FREE in the first place
.. With that said enjoy ya kicks, mines should be at my house before 3:00pm today
Joined Nov 19, 2007
I have two invites also. If anybodyneeds them, PM me your e-mail and I'll send it.

Always glad to help my fellow nt'ers out.



Joined Feb 7, 2003
i think the only reason these are sold out yet is because this is the first online release that really isnt limited
Joined May 2, 2005
probaly very late but can I get an invite from someone please Andresrystal Thanks in advance.
Joined Dec 4, 2002
looking for an invite too, if i cant cop these ill wait for the spiz ike grey, or the 8 that dropped this weekend
Joined Oct 18, 2006
Originally Posted by Carolinakid23

i have 4 invites am willig 2 let go for small fee if your interested email me
SMH at dudes trying to sell many dudes have hooked people up just because and then dudes try to make $ off of free invites
Joined Feb 8, 2007
YAY! my 2 pairs came in! i got 2 day air shipping and was expecting them to arrive tuesday, but luckily i live 2 miles from the FEDEX warehouse and theydelivered at my door 10am.

pics to come as soon as i get home from work!
Joined Dec 9, 2002
Just checked tracking on fedex, package should arrive today already, instead of tomorrow. Damn that was fast
, but anywho, too bad I wont be able to receive package because no one is home andwell I'm at school all day and have to go to work after. No biggie the way does anybody know if these XV's are coming with a retro card andhas it been seen? Thanks!
Joined Nov 15, 2003
The reason why these aren't sold out has to be because of the Flight Club system. I'm convinced that there's enough people who would want these,just I'm guessing the whole Flight Club thing has either not been publicized enough to the general public or they just didn't send out as manyinvitations as they should have. Either way, I just don't see these staying up too much longer, but they still have almost every size, so I could be wrong.
Joined Apr 7, 2006
I just received mine a few minutes ago and they were shipped ground. Thats weird,but I couldn't be more happy
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