*Official BIG K.R.I.T.***New Album***:: "KRIT IZ HERE" OUT JULY 12 2019!! "KRIT HERE" OUT NOW!!!

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The last two videos are probably my favorite from KRIT. Love the zone he is in and just highlighting a side of blackness that isnt always shown.

Single is a banger.

Looking forward to another classic album from KRIT!
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It's Krit's year. Preordering his album soon as it hits Itunes.
Wish Mississippi artists would do a better job of working together.
I'm sure a Krit & Rae Sremm track would go hard.
I'm also sure that a Krit, Tito Lopez, David Banner & 7even Thirty track would get a lot of play.
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New Krit is always appreciated. Been bumping a lot of his stuff recently then See Me On Top 4 came on. Man this tape was cold from front to back
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Great marketing roll out for the album. Pulled up on the mural in Houston.

If you all are in any of the cities with the murals def go check them out!
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