** Official Black Laser IV Release Date ***

Mar 19, 2004
I Spoke with my Jordan contact today and she stated that..

08/20/2005 Air Jordan 4 Retro
312255-061 Black/Black/Light Graphite

I will confirm,that my stores have recieved their shipments,once they have arrived, until then... :wink:
Faith !

Baby J
Baby J coming through as usual. Still passing on this inflated(limited/laser/og color blk+red/nubuck missin/pitfull excuse for a IV) release !

BABY J. Have you got anymore word on the DM pack? Have you seen samples yet? Also, are two XIV scheduled to drop in Aug. as the RD's suggest?
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Like I said before and yesterday.

Thanks for the confirmation, BabyJ. Atleast from your words, these NT'ers can believe YOU.

Steve from uptempoair.com told me this two days ago and I was stunned, but it made perfect sense. Especially in knowin that why would these release in Jan. 06 when the Laser etched design was to celebrate 20 YRS, in which would end in 2005.

Oh, and I'll say it again . . . 3,000 isn't such a bad number, is it? :wink:


Just Remember..

Black Before Gold

* It was on NT 1st :wink:

I am not sure why they were pushed back and forth,but one thing is for sure..

Head to you local Urban Account - NikeTowns and they also should be able to confirm that they recieved their shipments on or after Aug. 8 / 9 2005.

They will not be available on line. - Same story as the Altitudes
Faith !

Baby J
Obviously these arent going to FL,FA,FL etc

What stores ARE getting these shoes?

Urban Account?

Im in NY and I feel like I dont even trust my ergular mom and pop spot anymore
I expect them to jack the price way up from retail.
Same story as the Altitudes

meaning any store that recieved the altitude 13s will most likely to get them?

and being released with only 3000 is fairly small so even FA on 34th will most likely recieve far less than the 1000 they reported to have of the alts

am i correct?


this info is cuttin it very close and its very very nice to have a person like you to help out

thank you babyj

Thank you also for the confirmation, that you heard it too. :smile:

I did respond to an earlier post yesterday about these,but I did not make contact with Jordan Brand till Today / Tuesday.

This is my regular time of the week to confirm new releases with my source.

I will say that, these have been shuffled around so much..

1st - they were supposed to drop with the Fire Reds and Smurf Blues

2nd - they were supposed to drop in 2006

And Now this date.

It's almost too good to be true. Until I recieve them in my stores next week, I will always have some doubt.

But do not get me wrong.

Faith !

Baby J
^^^^^^^^^^Baby J! Whats the word on the Wht/Black/Chartneuse(sp) XIV's. I heard that they wasnt confirmed and they share the same product code as the Wht/Forest Green. Whats up with that?

Urban Accounts ONLY !!!!
Hebrew 11:6
Thanks for the info. Baby J......

This is indeed the truth.......

Initially that's what i was originally told about the Black Laser IV's......

That they were going to drop in August..........

But JB kept switching it up on us.......

For everyone else pondering about the availability.....

It's like someone said earlier, "THEY WILL BE EXACTLY LIKE THE ALTITUDES"......

Also, they will be limited to 3000 pairs........

Don't expect that price tag to go down either......

They will be $175.00 and i seriously doubt they will add something for that price but you never know.......

That's all i got...

I just need an Arlington, Tx location. Or even a Ft. Worth,GP, or Irving location. Texas head let me know the spots to cop because I was in Memphis for the ALTs.
I'm not familiar with that area......

If you wanted to know about Houston or Dallas i could help you out.....


If you go to Dallas defintely go to Town East Mall......

You should be able to get a pair there because some stores will carry them.....

If you didn't get them there go to Redbird Mall.......

But that's in the hood, so you you need to be careful since your'e not familiar with that area like myself....

Finally visit D K foot and casual.....

They have a couple of spots around the city so check em out....

Hope that helps....


Thanks for the confirmation on the 3,000 pairs.

I said this yesterday and many had doubt in me . . .

From what I've heard these are not going to be in FA, FL, etc.
These are going to be high end boutique type stores.
that's what my source is telling me.
not many stores on the west coast (like literally 5!!!)

we just got our confirmation they we are getting them on the 16th for a August 20th release!!

I'm happy!!


[table][tr][td]>ste160@gmail.com[/td][td]AIM: bga7x[/td][/tr][/table]​
.....Pull the trigger and the nightmare stops.....
I live in Dallas and usually The Parks Mall in Arlington and Irving Mall also get limited shoes like the Altitudes and Ice Blues. Hope that helps.
to answer the canadian ? talked to my guy in van and he told me he is expecting them jan20 but i hope he gets them in aug20 as well.

fingers crossed!
Hmmm.... I'll be in Vegas. I hope I can scoop these up from someone

you know I got you, but in return(aheem Jordan camp aheem)

by the way we were allocated pairs!



[table][tr][td]>ste160@gmail.com[/td][td]AIM: bga7x[/td][/tr][/table]​
.....Pull the trigger and the nightmare stops.....
After further evaluation, I will pass on these.

by the way we were allocated pairs

That's pretty coincidental rigtht there :nerd:
What's a sneaker boutique?
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I called Footaction and they said they have no idea that they were dropping but then i called Harold Peners and they are DROPPIN....

waking up early to cop for Boyfriend
I just spoke to the manager at my hook up spot and she says that they met with NIKE the other day and they have ordered there pairs of the black laser iv's. She told me that they should be in next week unless nike decides to send them the following week, regardlesss im copping and whoever else is on that list keep your fingers crossed for next week till then stay in touch with the kid
Im sellin midwest i have the following sizes, 7,7,10,10,10.5, 11,11,11,11.5,12,12,12,13,13,14,14,15 hit me up
jordan23man, do you have any urban account "hookups" in MD you can share? I know what the urban accounts are in the area but I don't know any employee's or managers to hold my pair.
No he doesn't, he is lying to you or he would have had a pair of size 14's. Look they are definitely going to be at DowntownLockerroom, check out the local Harold Pener's to see if you can reserve them with buying a shirt or something. Shoe City and Sportzone might have them, but thats a stretch and a half. If Footactions are supposed to be getting them, then look to the one in Forestville, (they get very limited size runs though). A couple people on here in the md/dc/va work at downtownlockerroom, so if you get in touch with them, they might be able to help you out. Also the store locator on downtownlockerroom.com doesn't have every store on it, so those are the ones you want to hit if you can't get it at your spot.
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Learned about this yesterday from Work. My spot is getting only 26 pairs. August is gonna be an expensive month
^I checked a couple downtown lockerroom stores were I live in Baltimore and the employees just gave me this puzzled look. One girl asked me" whats a laser". Sometimes I hate being the only one that knows something.
Well if you weren't on NT would you know about the lazer ivs??? The employees won't know this early in advance. Think about it, we just found out yesterday by someone who confirms the release date of shoes months in advance. Get your money together and make sure you have enough and check back during the week of release. How would all the employees in every sneaker store find out about exclusive information the day after it was released. BabyJ has a contact with JB and found out yesterday, be realistic with your expectations.
Oh yeah, Your Post is Irrelevant, because you can't Double Dutch.

Nothing in Life is Free Except The First Hit of that Bobby Brown
how can i find a list of the 52 stores that have urban accounts? please some one let me know, all i want is a pair of shoes please can someone help me out with this.
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