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Now that that's out of the way, lets discuss Crime Pays
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Killa has to get better beats....He need to make amends with dame grease, Kanye, Just blaze, these beats sound like left over beats from the public enemymixtape.
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All of a sudden the chick said suuuwuuu...Looked at her like ma you delirious? Nah Cam I just caught my period

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Originally Posted by diceloveme

Killa has to get better beats....He need to make amends with dame grease, Kanye, Just blaze, these beats sound like left over beats from the public enemy mixtape.

For the record, I haven't heard this joint yet but Heatmakerz belong on that list.
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I would have preferred more Arab than Skitzo, but I enjoy the album nonetheless. Where the beats lack Cam comes with good spit.
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Originally Posted by GUILLERMO GUTIEREZ

ive never heard of Skitzo before this album.

Loose Cannon and BazaarRoyale Bloodline Records Mixtape, 2001
  • "We Bare Armz"
Cam'Ron - Purple Haze, 2004
  • "Intro"
  • "Get 'Em Girls"
  • "Family Ties" (feat. Nicole Wray)
Purple City - Diplomats Vol. 5, 2004
  • "Diamonds and Pearls"
  • "Halftime Show"
  • "Sesame Street Shop"
Jim Jones - On My Way To Church , 2004
Dipset/Byrd Gang Volume 1: All Eyes On Zeke, 2004
The Diplomats - Diplomatic Immunity 2, 2004
Dipset/Byrdgang Vol. 2: The New Season, 2004
  • "Roll It Up" (feat. Agallah & Shiest Purple City)
Hoodlife CD - Various Artists, 2004
The Diplomats - More Than Music, Vol. 1, 2005
  • "The Best Out"
  • "Open Your Eyes"
  • "If Only You Believe"
Welcome to Frenycville CD/DVD, 2005

Juelz Santana - Back Like Cooked Crack 2: More Crack , 2005
  • "Slow Down"
DJ Kay Slay & Papoose - Menace II Society PT. 2, 2005
Papoose - Street Sweepers presents Papoose: Moment of Silence, 2005
  • "Head of State" (feat. Saigon )
Juelz Santana - What the Game's Been Missing!,2005
J. R. Writer - Writers Block 2 , 2005
Young Gunz - Get in Where U Fit In, Vol. 2 , 2005
  • "One Love"
Jay Bezel - Diplomats Present Jay Bezel: Philadelphia Beast Vol. 1,2005
Papoose - "The Best of Papoose: The Mixtape,2006
Cam'ron Presents Duke da God Dipset - "The Movement Moves On" , 2006
  • "Losing My Love"
Hell Rell - "Streets Wanna Know", 2006
  • "Monsters Pt. 2"
Cam'ron - Public Enemy #1, 2007
  • "Intro"
  • "Calm Down"
  • "The Cycle's Sick"
  • "Let Me Know"
  • "Bum Bum" (feat. Penz)
  • "What You Know" (feat. Penz)
  • "Glitter" (feat. Penz)
  • "Trouble Makers" (feat. 40 Cal and Penz)
  • "Killa Penz" (feat. Penz)
  • "Curious" (feat. Penz)
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cam brings a new style to this album.. think of a get'em girls/killa cam type cd.

all the song got those epic beats.. very different from purple haze cam.. not bad, just different
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Good album. I think it would have been a better album had he been able to keep some of the samples. The OG version of Curve
My Aura should of been onthere instead of Got It For Cheap, although YH killed that track. Araabmuzik did his thing on the album. It sounds like Cam got a bunch of other projectscomin' out so thats good.
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Listened once on imeem(skipped the skits). I liked what I heard. Gonna give it a thorough after Relapse tonight. I find it interesting how both Cam and Emhaven't released an album in awhile and the different reactions ppl have when each song leaked
Just something I thought was interesting.
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according amazon.com

1. Crime Pays Intro
2. Cookin Up
3. Where I Know You From
4. F**k Cam # 1
5. Never Ever
6. Curve
7. Silky (No $+#+)
8. Who
9. Grease Skit
10. You Know What's Up Feat. C.O And Sky-Lyn
11. Spend The Night
12. F**k Cam # 2
13. Woo Hoo Feat. 40 Cal
14. Chalupa
15. Cookies N Apple Juice Feat. Skitzo And Byrd Lady
16. I Hate My Job
17. Homicide
18. F**k Cam # 3
19. Got It For Cheap
20. Get It Get It
21. Bottom Of The P****
22. F**k Cam # 4
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