[| -- Official Canadian True Blue Jordan III Release (August 8th 2009) EURO/CAN -- |]


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Originally Posted by BabyJordan0312

For Now...

USA NikeTalk Peeps better be really nice to your Canadian NT'ers.

If you want the hook up that is.

Either that or get your gas money in hand and cross the border up North.

Don't expect these to drop anytime soon in the U.S. for now.

Take it for what it is, resellers get that $$$$$$ ready for bulk purchases if this is true.
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return of Eurocan releases?

I don't really understand this move but hey...I'll take what I can.
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Multiple pairs will be copped, so much for buying a PS3, new LCD and all the other electronic stuff.
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absolutely crazy news still can't see JB not releasing in States at all though....prolly at a later date
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Originally Posted by Carlos Tevez

Might be my first Jordan purchase in 3-4 years.

Anyone want to guestimate as to how much they'll be?
Retail will be $209.99 (at least that was the stated MSRP in March.)

I really had no idea about this Euro/Canada only release, though.
BabyJcoming through, AGAIN.


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thakickboss wrote: [hr][/hr] i have heard of euro exclusives and asia exclusives but not international releases. so these will be in north america but just not the U.S.? that doesn't make much sense that canada would get them and not us. i think only euro and asia release would be more likely. but if they do come to canada at least i'm not far away.
What do you mean "if" they come to Canada...

It has been confirmed in this post...they WILL be released in Canada...

Why do people try to use their opinions to contradict facts have been posted?

- JM
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