*****Official Cardinal VII and Flint Grey VII Post*******


Nov 21, 2005
Tired of the endless posts about these two shoes. Plz post everything here as not to clutter up the Forum..... Here's what we know..
04/22/2006 Air Jordan Retro 7
304775-151 White/Varsity Purple-Flint Grey





04/22/2006 Air Jordan Retro 7
304775-101 White/Black-Cardinal Red-Bronze











****Note*** They are both GR meaning they will be released at Footaction, Footlocker, Champs etc. Doubt they will sell out. You def shouldn't have to camp or wait more than like 1hr in line for these two kicks. There is hella gear to go with the Flint Grey ones so save the bred.
I like both, but the flints are better than the cardinals to me! But Im broke so I aint getting any of then until I get a job (I'm only 15, were I live in cali you have 16 to work) :\
cards are copped asap. these ain't gonna be sittin on shelves for weeks like the xiv's.
I thought Jordan's and a gold chain was livin it up
I've been wanting the Cardinals since the release of the OG's back in '92 (Couldn't buy them back then, was in HS and had NO money :frown:
) Even in 2002 when they released VII retros, I was >:
that they didn't release the cardinals. So those are definitely copped. As for the Flints, I didn't even pay them any attention the first time I saw them, but more and more they remind me of the Carmine's, and suddenly in my eyes they're :pimp:
and they will be copped as well.
hope to get both but for sure cards
Anyone in need of a 10.5 DMP pack DS let me know $500. H-Town or around the H.
i'm sooo excited! can't wait to cop! but i think this might be a little early...if we keep on hypin em up everybody that was on the fence is gonna blow up our spots and cop just cuz people have been talkin about em.
love 'em both, gonna cop the pair my cousin doesn't. i hate having the same shoes.
Def gettin cards...if i got enough bread i'll grab da flints too even though I dont got nothin to match them
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stop the hype this early thats how resellers get all of them....

but those are really nice 1 pair of each will be bought

bit too early, i would say....

This is why were paying so much for releases. The shoes a GR so what are we possibly gonna say about it? Copped 2x, those are nice, I have them early, ect. ect. I was truly hoping this official post wouldnt be made until mid april. Now its gonna hit like 50 pages by mid april, then everyone is gonna be beasting for this release, which is when resellers will just buy multiple pairs and rip off the people who werent able to get them at the store because of hype being created with this post. I think that an Official Post is stupid IMO. They should only be created by mods 2 weeks before a release. Honestly, how is there a offiicial post for these 7s that come out the 22nd but not a post for the pacifics which come out the 15th? Whats to get from being the first to make the original post?
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lets make an OFFICIAL POST on the next DMPs
its not too early is it?????

Hey, we should make an official post on RETRO XXIs too

stop the hype this early thats how resellers get all of them....

but those are really nice 1 pair of each will be bought

thats just adding to the hype

They should only be created by mods 2 weeks before a release.


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coppin both! there the hottest colors coming out in the VII's. Hope i get thro with eastbay, dont feel like waking up early to get em at the store.

I might cop the cards if I have enough money. Since I am a teen and I cant work and I can only get a certain amount of air jordans a year. I am copping militaries, grapes(hopefully) :\
, and fire red V's. I like the flint 7's, but I doubt I will cop.
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Im so tempted to buy shoes during the F&F, but then ill be dead broke on the 22nd. Arrgh hurry up 22nd! Cardinals!
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ay was that site legit that was doing pre-order's for the flints and cards on the 15th?
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