*****Official Cardinal VII and Flint Grey VII Post*******

Joined Apr 4, 2004
Anybody got a good fit to match with the flints besides the jordan gear available?? I got to many shirts from jordan brand.
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I imagine either Colorado Rockies or Sacramento Kings stuff would match the Flints. Someone had a picture of a Bulls jersey with the Cards earlier, and it looked sharp, so I'm guessing anything with that sort of color combination would look right, and now that I think about it, I'm guessing those Cards would look great with the white Cavs jersey they're wearing today.
Joined Aug 16, 2005
Copped both pair at my local athletes foot. I lined up at 9 with my homeboy and we was number 3 and 4 in line. They opened at 10 and we was in and out. The next f&f im coppin jordan tees for all 3 7s.
Joined Jan 4, 2005
I wanted to get mine at DTLR since I have a credit there, but the one at my local mall never gets 7.5. So I was going to get up early and drive an hour to another DTLR that did get my size. Woke up at 6:30, looked out my window at the pouring rain, realized I'd only gotten about 2 hours of sleep... so I just hopped on finishline.com, ordered my Flints and went back to sleep for another 8 hours. Too easy.
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I copped the cards. I love retros that stay true to the OG's. Wondering now if I should have copped the flints too though.
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if anyone needs them in the LA/OC area.. BLENDS has plenty left.

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Aiiiight really, this is gettin silly who da hell picks out you guys jeans man (((SMH))).
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I got my pair of Flints today after work. It was a bit hectic to track them down. Out here in in SF, all the stores that I phoned had a full size run left of the Cardinals...Footlockers, First Steps, Recon, Huf, Shiekh, True Sole, Champs etc. etc. I called from ten to eleven a.m. - and the flint sizes were scattered. Out of twelve I tracked three spots...So I waited til' I got off of work at 12:30 pm - called back Champs - they had two size elevens left but hurry - I replied I have quick feet and got off the phone. My boy hooked me up with a ride up to 5th and Mission, Saturday traffic in downtown SF is not healthy - Got em' and walked back to 4th and Bryant jumped in my ride and I'm good...now I can eat lunch....
Joined Jun 25, 2001
Im kinda second guessing my decision beause i could only get one. I bought the Cardinals but i looking at all the Flints i think i would of liked those to. I have almost every other Flint Grey Jordan release. First pair i didnt get. Oh well these pics make me happy with my decision. The pics are with my Avirex Varsity Jacket that will be seeing the cleaners.

GREAT QUALITY. The leather feels good. Although i would of preferred Smooth like on the Olys. The leather feels tough and durable. Doesnt look like the crease much either. But what 7s really do?
Joined Aug 13, 2000
PORTLAND, OR- unless it's a high profile jordan release (a la DMP), i'm not showing up to the mall an hour early anymore. between FL, FA, Champs, and FNL, there were MAYBE 15 people total showing up early for the shoes. i just wanted the cards, and then an infant pair of the cards for my daughter, so i did FNL for mine, kids FL for the infant size. the best thing about it, the FNL chick was waiting for her manager to show up so we chatted it up for about an hour about sneakers. cute white chick too. got her number after i made the purchase. homegirl knew her stuff about sneakers which was the icing on the cake. got a date tonight, hahahaha.
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Anyway copped my cards two weeks ago. Gonna copp another pair later on in da week, but next up 4 me grey suede xxi's :smokin

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Joined Jan 31, 2006
Slept in till around 10:30 and went to the mall around 1:30.

I went to FinishLine to get the Cardinals but the 11.5 there had a huge glue spot on the toe.

I then went to FootLocker and got a perfect 11.5. Too bad I couldn't use my military I.D. to get 20% off. Anyone know if their footlocker allows military discount on Jordans?

Anyways, the Cardinals are :pimp:
Joined Sep 3, 2004
Quote:[hr][/hr]I'm never taking another pair out of the store without looking them over 100%.[hr][/hr]

I hear you coachbeats.
I just wanted to go in and out cause i had my little boy with me and he is already sporting his new Flints so he is readdy to get out da mall, So i get to da place that is holding my size 11 (which was the last one) and I was just gona pay and go i said let me take a look at them while im in line. The shoe had a big scuff mark on it, So i show it to dude and tell him if he can do anything for me. Of course he responds with "i cant give no discount with this shoe"
So i slide the box accross the counter and say you gona sell me a scuffed up shoe. So he says well thats the last one but let me see what i can do. "Miraculously" they happen to have one more pair in the back. So i looked it over, paid, and left. I feel sorry for anyone else that goes in there cause you know dude is going to try to sell it to the next guy that ask for flints.
From now on Im gona always check those babies.
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Ayo...can y'all give me a Bay Area, preferably around San Francisco, update on the Flint Greys. I called a couple places like True Sole, Footlocker in Serra, Niketown, and the spot at the pier but they all sold out of a size 9. If y'all know where i can cop a pair, can y'all holla at me. Thanks. I had NO IDEA these were gonna sell out like that.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]Don't spread lies like that. They still have plenty of sizes left, and it's 9am.[hr][/hr]

Listen Dajoka, don't speak on something you know nothing about.

I tried to Check out on Eastbay at 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM



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^^ I didn't know this one line could offend so many people. :frown:
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Im kinda second guessing my decision beause i could only get one. I bought the Cardinals [hr][/hr]

Man give yourself a break..You can never go wrong with an OG colorway..
Joined Jul 8, 2005
funny thing is..when i went to go pay for my cardinals...they said my credit card was declined..luckly i spit some game to the chick who was in the checkout line and told her to hold them for me for about 30 mins while i run 2 tha bank...when i came back i had cash and she was nice 2 me..she threw in a shirt for 5 bucks extra...THANK U FINISHLINE!!!!!LOL
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