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Will Tommy's finger fall off from too many Tommy Points?

Like I have posted up before Tommy has been too liberal with the Tommy Points in recent years.

Never been a big fan of Eddie House, too streaky, but for the kind of $ they had to spend that's the type of player you get.

Should be enough shots to go around for the Big 3 considering there are no other options out there when they are on the floor. Perkins is in there for D and rebounding and Rondo for distribution.

One negative is that Doc Rivers is still the coach. Other would be the overall lack of depth. The "Big 3" aren't spring chickens anymore and Jesus has had some injury issues as of late so the overall team depth could come back to haunt the C's.
Yeah I can't stand Tommy. I know he's a legend but he's also the biggest homer and an average color guy. With those Tommy Points he's just holding on to a gimmick :lol:
ing lineups.

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Gilbert guaranteed Boston wouldn't win first home game. As much as I love the guy, they aren't gonna beat Boston
I know it doesn't apply to this thread (yet), but... in an attempt to discourage people from mistaking these season/news threads from game threads, I'll be editing out game info from titles of season/news threads for a little while, until everyone is clear on the difference between season threads and game threads. Stuff like, "12/06 vs LAL" (for example) only makes people wonder if this is the season-long thread or the game thread.

Additionally, we would PREFER people indicate something like "'07-'08 Season Thread" or "Celtics News" in the titles, but that's not a demand or rule or anything.

The point is to just make it clear where the game discussion is and where the season-long discussion is, and not blur the line between the two in the process.
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I've been waiting for this night for too long!!!
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man Pierce looked real nice out there yesterday for the first time in a while :pimp:
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Psssssh. Tommy is the best color guy in the business. :smile:
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Good article about Gilbert and the boys in the Herald. Gil comparing the Garden to a playoff atmosphere.

As Gilbert Arenas would probably be the first to admit, its all about him all the time.

He actually felt honored when the TD Banknorth Garden crowd put him on the same pedestal as the Yankees, serenading the Wizards star throughout the night with a Gilbert Sucks chant.

I just love that, he said of the Yankees distinction after the Celtics [team stats] 103-83 opening night win over the Wizards - a game that Arenas had guaranteed as a win earlier in the week on his Agent Zero blog.

That was great out there, he said. Theyre up by 20 in the second quarter, and (the crowd) is still going at it. From the beginning, from the tip - you never know what its like until youve played in this kind of atmosphere.

Im not sure Ive ever been in something like this in the playoffs, said Arenas. This might be the best Ive seen.

Arenas was reminded of his failed guarantee every time he touched the ball.

Yall told me so, he said, smiling. I put my foot in my mouth. I know that tomorrow Ill get killed by all the analysts, but thats part of the excitement. The whole crowd was chanting my name. Hey, thats what its all about. Im an entertainer.

Right now its great to be a Boston fan, said Arenas. You know your Sox won, Boston College is No. 2, your Patriots [team stats] are No. 1 and now you have these three (basketball players). It is great to be a Boston fan and the crowd showed it tonight.

20-20 visions scary

Last nights 22-point, 20-rebound performance was the 31st of Kevin Garnetts career, but you may want to stop here if names from the past frighten you.

The last Celtic to record a 20-20 game was Mark Blount in March 2004.

Only one other Celtic ever debuted with a 20-20 game, and the player is someone who should give the old die-hards chills all over. Sidney Wicks, one of the all-time franchise busts, had 21 points and 22 boards on Oct. 21, 1976, in Indiana.

Durant was the 1

Wyc Grousbeck sat courtside prior to the game, pondering how ironic life could be. The Celtics co-owner was wearing the same charcoal suit with green pinstripes he had worn to the NBA draft lottery last May.

Back then, before the bouncing balls left the Celtics with a damning fifth pick, he had visions of Kevin Durant.

Thats right, Kevin Durant.

Danny (Ainge) was already pointing toward Durant by then, Grousbeck said of the potential choice between Durant and Greg Oden. But we obviously hadnt gone into draft conversations with the whole staff, because we didnt actually know what our pick was yet. He liked both players, but he really liked Durants college accomplishments.

Ainge, when asked about his boss comments, smiled and said, Ill let Wyc talk about that.

Had the ping-pong balls bounced properly, then, the talk last night would have been about a rookie needing years to mature.

It couldnt have turned out any better, said Grousbeck. Danny turned the No. 5 pick into a totally new team.

Anything else would be a definite step down from where it is now, he said of the buzz surrounding the Cs.

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why is Scalabrine the Red Ranger? isnt the red ranger supposed to be the strongest? Maybe Kg or Pierce should be the red.

Team Grizzlies
got my lakers @ celts tix im jus prayin kb24 is still on the team when they play on the 23rd
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great win last night.

KG looking great. They just need everyone but the 3 not to turn it over and hit open shots.

If they do that well be fine.
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^^^ i def agree w u
but imo one more big man and we will be set. a big man w height & experience
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