Official Childish Gambino (Donald Glover from Community) Thread - Surprise "untitled" album out now 3/15/2020

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I can't remember what song he was doing (I was lit lol) but it went black after his song and he limped back stage. We really didn't know it was over until about 30 minutes later when they basically told us to go home. Folks started booing after that.
Damn...I hope it's not too bad.
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Yeah still haven’t heard if the LA show Wednesday is cancelled/postponed. Supposedly he reaggravated a past broken foot injury, hopefully it really isn’t broken again
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Enjoyed the performance last night. Whatever that new track he performed was :nthat:. Beat :pimp: glad he performed tracks from older albums. Tolerated his funny dancing.
Don’t really know about that guava film. Not a fan of musical films. About 25 minutes in I flipped it back to the nba playoffs.
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Enjoyed his Guava Island short film
Read that City of God & Purple Rain were the inspirations for it.

Definitely felt the CoG influence with the cinematography & the landscape. Also, I have no idea why Rih was in it (other than to be on an island with her) if he didn’t utilize her singing capabilities for a duet or something because it sure wasn’t for her acting chops.
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When he droppin the album thooo
I was at his show last night at Lolla and he played a new song... doubt we ever get a studio version though.

Saw him in 2015 at Bonnaroo and he played “new stuff he was working on” that to this day hasn’t seen the light of day.

AMAZING performance though. It was the perfect mix of older stuff and the groovier tracks from Awaken My Love.
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Let me know if you guys have a title change you want made for the thread :lol:

I haven't stayed up on Donald since the last album and tour.
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