OFFICIAL DISNEY+ STREAMING THREAD NOV 12th $6.99 bundled with espn+ and hulu 12.99 THE CABLE KILLER?

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Probably already answered but what if you already have hulu?

Will everything just kick in on the 12th?
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i can imagine me now chillin watchin some disney+ eatin leftover thanksgiving food :pimp:
I been holding off watching some Disney cartoon films
Just to watch em on Disney+
Can’t wait to get my
“Abraham Delacey
Guisppe casey
Thomas O’Malley........o’malley The alley cat” on
Only real ones know
the game my boy was spitting at dutches
Bruh was letting her know what was good
Had her lil cat p wet
And he was ready
Till he seen all them kids she had :rofl:
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watched an episode of the simpsons last week
haven't seen a brand new episode in like 10 years
that **** was trash
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