Official Eating Healthy Thread Vol No Fast Food...

Dec 18, 2005
So after watching that video about how bad the KFC grilled chicken sandwich is and the other thread about whats so bad about fast food I decided to make thisthread.

Basically everyone just puts up good healthy food so others can use as a reference....

We can talk about budgeting and how to deal with being a college student and trying to eat healthy...

Lets get it NT....
fresh everything, stay away from boxed/prepared stuff. coupons. sales. buy reduced for quick sale and freeze.

eating healthy is a no brainer, but it takes a lot more effort and money

oh and portion size - know what a serving is. size of a deck of cards for meat, etc etc.
Chicken breast was pretty much the daily dinner when I was in college. I just prepared it differently so I wouldn't get sick of it, i.e. with pasta, salad,grilled and so on.

And its pretty cheap, I would just pick up a frozen bag from costco.
- Organic chicken breasts from Trader Joe's
- Organic spinach, tomato and bell pepper salad (with NO dressing...I like the taste of it so I do not mess with dressing)
- Whole Foods organic plain oatmeal
- Canned tuna with hot sauce

These are my go-to meals, and probably all I'm eating right now. For healthy condiments, use salsa (find the one with the lowest sodium...I use TraderJoe's roasted garlic salsa) and hot sauce...pepper is great too.

Do not drink anything but water. Cannot stress this enough. Drink a lot of water too throughout the day...especially when you wake up.

Pasta = unhealthy unless you are doing a lot of exercise every day. Beware of too many carbs...stick to organic brown rice and organic whole wheat pasta inlimited portions.

Good snacks: apples, bananas (especially pre-workout), baby carrots.

If you're eating healthy, spend the extra on the organic should be limiting your portions anyway, so the extra costs from buying organic willnot be as high.
Man after three years of college, only thing that really matters is exercise and genetics. Don't go crazy eating McDonalds everyday but same time don'tstress and count calories. I've seen big dudes that eat way healthier than me(I don't really eat seeing as how I'm broke) and skinny dudes that eatway worst than me. The only difference seems to be the big dudes eat "right" but don't do anything, anything turns into empty calories if theyaren't being used to burn fat. Those skinny dudes be working out all the time. As for me, I don't eat nor do I excercise, but I am a nice 6'165lbs, maybe a little bit less. I'm chill with that though I can't bench 200llbs anymore, but f it I"m in school when am I going to be benching200 + llbs.
I'm eating home made food practically everyday. Fast food only on special occasions.
I been fast food free for about a week now

But I just can't kick the chocolate habit


Also FROZEN vegatables, Fresh Vegatables are better than the canned. Whole Grain, Wheat is good for you as well

I eat mainly Chicken, Seafood, Ground Turkey. Its Lean and better for you. Also fruit is very good for you.

Eat something small, dont skip meals. If you are starving yourself then your body isnt burning fat hence you actually gain weight or your weight is stagnant.

Also Drink plenty of water. It flushes out toxins in your body as well hydrates you. If you dont like water drink Crystal Light ( no sugar and its good foryou also)
I made this same thread around new years of this year and no one was having it
talking about it wasn't the right time for people to start eatinghealthy...

Eat a variety of Fruits and Veggies...especially broccoli, celery, spinach, blueberries..etc.

Try some Acai products...I use Sambozan Acai smoothies and it contains alot of healthy benefits (Antioxidants, polyphenolys, omega fatty acids)

If your gonna buy water I suggest using smart water, I read that it's probably the best healthy beverage that you can pick up

Invest in some green tea or tea in general. I use Bromley Organic Green Tea but theirs probably better out there.

I stopped eating red meat totally because of the heart and colon concerns. Might be a tough pill to swallow for some but I would just suggest reducing thenumber of times you eat red meat.

Try to eat more organic food, which are free of pesticides, artificial horomones...etc.

Stay away as much as you can from products containing High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils (which most junk foods have). When I want a soda or sugarybeverage I get something that uses pure cane sugar like Jones Soda. If you want to eat chocolate their are certain types like dark chocolate which has somehealth benefits like wine.

I cut out most enriched flour products from my diet as well, just empty of any nutritional benefit.

And the key to all of this is moderation and balance, no need to OD on these things.
best advice is to make sure to have an abundance of healthy things to eat at ur crib. the only time i find myself eating junk is when im out of healthyfoods/snacks.
Stay away from processed meats, anything white be it white rice, bread, pasta, etc -- large carbohydrate intake will only slow you down and make you feelsluggish.

Stay away from high fructose corn syrup and reduce your sugar intake unless it's something along the lines of fruits and vegetables
Fruit. When I was in school, I hated cooking so I would always get a burger or something. But now that I keep food at the crib, It's like thats all imeating.

Its easier when you surround yourself with healthy foods.
[color= rgb(102, 0, 153)]Many chicken, salads, vegetables for me....i can't front weekends are cheat days[/color]
You can make your own peanut butter by just throwing peanuts in a blender or food processor. I'm not a fan of nuts, but just throwing that out there. Youmight want to add 1tsp of peanut or canola or vegetable oil to change the consistency
Originally Posted by GrimlocK

If your gonna buy water I suggest using smart water, I read that it's probably the best healthy beverage that you can pick up
Originally Posted by blazinjkid

Trader Joes.

Cheapest and easiest way to eat healthy.

Ditto. I had a great time in there yesterday. Watch your saturated fat, sodium, and sugar intake. I'm still learning though. Of course cutting carbsdown a bit helps if you want to lose weight. I recently started walking about 3x a week and cutting out sodium and back on fat and lost like 5lbs. Of coursemy metabolism might be different. I used to play D1 sports in college but trust me...I haven't been to the gym in a minute.
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