OFFICIAL ECF Game 3 Cavs vs. Magic 5/24 8:30PM TNT


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Cavs take the momentum of Game 2's heroics and win by 8+ in Orlando...

Just in case ESPN hasn't stuffed this down our throats enough..

big j 33

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Hopefully the Magic can be more comfortable at home and start off the game stronger than games 1 and 2. If they can keep even with the Cavs going into the halfthen I'm fairly confident for a Orlando win.

We'll find out how much that last heartbreaking loss affected the Magic, it definitely took the momentum away but hopefully they find their shots and theydrop early back at home.
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Magic have lost like what? 4 heartbreaking games due to last second shots?

They've been able to overcome those defeats and look at where they're at now.

Im sure they can put Game 2's lost away and focus on Game 3.

Orlando needs to start off strong and stay strong. Cant have anymore 4th quarter breakdowns. Gotta blow these guys out.

Magic have shown that they can come back from large deficits. This season and this playoffs. So if somehow they're down big, I can trust that they'llfight their way back.

Lets go Magic!! Get this win.
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i love lebron but espn is od with it lol this has been the 2 best conference finals series we have had in a while. i think cleveland by 3
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orlando playing super well right now. way better than i expected. they deserved to win game 2 but Lebron is good with the clutch shot. let's go orlandohaha
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Magic should not worry about anything ... They almost went 2-0 on the road..

Focus on protecting homecourt and they have a chance to finish it off in Game 5..
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Originally Posted by sinser13

lets go magic

I think game 3 is a MUST win for orlando. If cleveland wins this, they're gonna have all momentum from the game 2 carryover+ game 3 win....and they mightend it in 5.
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If the Cavs can learn to HOLD their big leads, they will be fine. Orlando has been white hot from outside allowing them to erase leads, but they have notsimilarly pulled away with a large lead from the Cavs.

Let's hope they cool off so the Cavs can regain HCA

As much as I've been frustrated with the Cavs this series, they have shown flashes of dominance. If they can semi-neutralize the pick and roll and/ordribble penetration, they should advance to the Finals.

Lets go
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Sasha needs to play at least 20 minutes, and Bron needs to play a lot at pf. We have to match them at their skilled player positions, i.e., pf and sf. Also, weHAVE to watch the weakside threes. One more thing, the Magic have made A LOT of highly contested jump shots. You would think that eventually that will stop,and I think it will, cause they have been hot for three games now going back to game 7 against Boston. Execution is absolute must for game 3, and ey, Mowe're still waiting for you to show up.
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Unless Mo Williams can finally score 20+ points with Lebron dropping another 35+, the Magic are taking this one in a blowout. This game will get ugly for theCavs quick. The Magic are just a matchup nightmare for the Cavs
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