Official Game 2: 05/06 Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers 7:30PM PST TNT

Los Angeles

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Apr 11, 2004
Ok, Houston executed their gameplan to perfection.

Lakers need to make adjustments and just make some god damn shots.

Let's go Lakeshow
What adjustments exactly? I'm not trying to be a smart #%#. I really just want to know what you Lakers fans think your team canimprove upon besides simply making more baskets and free throws.

Anyway, I'm praying for another competitive game. I don't care for either team, so just give me some good basketball.

Oh, and Go Rockets
adjustments on defense.

-stop going under screens
-let artest & yao get theirs, but dont let other players like brooks,lowry beat you.
-quicker rotations
-stop gambling, this team is lazy enough on defense, what makes you think they'll help

i can go on.
As long as LA refuses to front Yao keep getting him the ball.

try to shut out Odom and Ariza. Gasol will shut himself out according to Laker fans.

Minimize high turnover risk situations

Make the open 3

That should about do it.
Dude hurried up and started a game 2 thread, trying to get that firstgame out of his mind ASAP!

Stay on Yao at all costs. No way Artest keeps hitting those leaning, falling, off balance shots all series is there?

Brooks is the one we need to stop along with Yao.

But most importantly, make your shots. Come on guys, make the shots they give you. Kobe draws so much attention that they collapse on him giving our shooterswide open looks, they need to knock those down, so that the D will not collapse as much, and then Kobe can Gasol and hopefully Bynum can work the middle. (Odom too)

Odom, make a free throw. (wait, I worded that wrong, make more then just A free throw you bum.

J Farmar may get some minutes in this series. Make em count.
No way LA goes down 0-2...they'll win this one by 10+

Figure out a way to limit Yao's impact though.
lakers need to get the ball into pau / bynum quicker, in games we lost pau never got the ball.

versus undersized defenders pau sort of goes ghost and plays more jumpshots.

speed up the tempo a little more, and it wasnt till the game was almost over when kobe finally decided to attack the rim.

lamar at the FT line
even though he misses, he still thinks he's doin' it

obviously fish cannot stay in front of brooks, so just play his shot and always keep another defender on the block to help if brooks drives.
Lets go H-TOWN lets shock these boys and leavem with ther mouths open.. We take game 2 might be a sweep.. And even if we lose not that big a deal we gothomecourt now and wanted to really win game 1 to let'em know...
i dont understand why people givin bright a hard time for makin the thread...someone has to make relax fellas, its just a game thread not anythingserious sheesh.

ANywhoo...Rockets played well and deserved the W, we just need to adjust and play some better D...not to mention cut DFISH, nah jk, but we need to make moreshots as well.
- Take Game 2 and all of LA about to be shook

- Phil's ego is too big to front Yao. Portland had the right idea in fronting Yao and making the other Rockets beat you. Yao catching it on the block, andhe's unstoppable. Bring the double team, and Houston will rain 3's.
- As each series goes on, Andruw Bynum becomes less and less of a factor.

- DFish gets so surprised that somebody on the court is smaller than him, so, he tries to do too much. Either way, Brooks can blow by him at will. How doesPhil adjust? Farmar more minutes? Brown?
- Ron needs to continue to stroke it. He can easily shoot the Rockets out of a game.
- Our best bench scorer had 0 points, and the Rockets still won. Hopefully Wafer can get going game 2.
there is no way kobe will let this happen again!Plus, phil jackson is the master at finding ways to win.Hell figure it out.mark my 4 will belakers.....atleast I
I hope this series has the same feel as that Lakers vs. Philly Championship. Philly wins first game shocking the world, breaking the Lakers undefeated recordin the playoffs, then Lakers handle the next four. I can only dream =)

Lets go Lakers!
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