Official Game 4: 05/10 Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets 12:30PM PST ABC

Los Angeles

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Alright, lets take another W in H-Town!

Lakers need to come out with that same kind of energy and tenacity (which includes their hustle) that they came with in game 3.

There's some talk of JFarm staying in the starting lineup, but we'll see.

Just stay within the offense, get easy buckets - and the role players must knock down shots.

Sorry to see Yao go down, the big man just cannot stay healthy - let Artest and Von chuck up shots, it'll just disrupt anything Adelman wants to do.

Let's go Lakeshow!

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I see the Rockets starting off strong, then fizzling out at the end of this game.

Hopefully the Lakers can pick up this W and close it out at home in 5.

10 MORE W's...

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Sucks that the Rockets are without Yao for the rest of this series, but still doesn't mean that the Rockets are gonna roll over and give the series away.
Lakers need to stat focused.
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originally, had lakers in six, with each game being very competitive. hate to say it, no yao, no chance (even with yao, it was going to be tough). cant blamerockets fans for feeling defeated.

rockets going to play hard, but i just don't see them being able to maintain it throughout the gm, maybe a qtr or half. artest has to be a beast down lowfor the rockets for them to even have a chance.

lakers gonna finish them off, they see nuggets win and have that killer instinct

could possibly (and most likely) be the last gm at toyota center. i hope the fans stay to give them a applause, if it is a blowout.
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we gotta get this win
i really want farmar to stay in the starting 5 since he had a good game yesterday...we gotta keep his confidence up

anyone know when the western conference finals tickets go on sale btw?
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the Lakers are gonna be in for a tough battle. The Rockets gonna be pumped to play without Yao and not wanting to go down 3-1 along with everyone writing themoff without Yao.

The Lakers better not come out complacent and just expecting to win by showing up. They gotta earn the W.
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Originally Posted by ERASCISM

Double Artest, start Farmar again, and they should be good.
Phil said he's starting Fish again, but I hope Farmar gets more minutes than him
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The Rockets can play with a better flow in the offense now since Yao is out. His injury is a big blow for sure, but a lot of times the Rockets ate up shotclock trying to figure out how to get the ball in while Pau was doing a good job fronting him. Chuck can do a better job defending Pau as well since Pau wasfacing up Yao and then doing work, as he's quicker than him. Chuck can keep up. God forbid Chuck and Landry get into foul trouble though since now Yao isout and Deke been out.. Brian Cook?

Rockets need to put the ball in the basket, and keep the turnovers low. Turnovers just lead to fastbreaks for LA, and the Rockets can't keep up like that.Ron needs to step up, and if he's on, the Rockets have a shot. They made Kobe work last game, unlike game 2, and the Lakers just torched it from outside.Not much you can do there really.

I don't really expect the Rockets to lie down, as they've been playing through injuries for years now. I mean really, what's new? Because of thefronts, Yao hasn't been all that effective come 2nd half of these games really anyway. I think the Rockets can pull off the W to extend the series a bit.
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Lakers got this game. I want Farmar to start. He gave them some energy in the previous game.

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--Franchise3, I respect your positivity towards your team. Good stuff. Real talk.
--I had the same mentality when the Lakers always got the Suns in the first round when PHX was a "juggernaught".
--But why delay the inevitable? Lakers got this. Then we go back to Staples and close this thing out.

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Delay the invetiable just 'cause.

Plus, miracles don't have to come just around Christmas time. Can a brotha get one in May?

SHUGES, I already know what you want to do my dude. 1st move, get rid of over dribbling AB
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Sucks to hear about Yao Ming, hopefully he'll get the rest he needs over the summer and return strong.

Lakers cannot take this for granted and MUST WIN!
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lakers cannot come out and just %#%# around. They need to focus because Rockets will not give up this game easily. Hope we can take this game and it might be awrap. let's go lakers
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Time to start Lowry, NT's prodigy James White and Von Wafer.

If we can get Wafer started early he might be tired enough to pass it later on. Lowry to me is playing harder/more efficiently than AB since game 2.

James White should be in so we can see what he can do. No sense in wasting a fresh pair of legs.

We CAN win this game and the series with Yao out. just need to find the basket and keep them away from the hoop and 3 lines.
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