Official: God Of War III PS3 Exclusive Game Thread: Game Releases On March 16th

notorious 858

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Alright it's time to get this thread started:

The game is coming out on 3/16 for the PS3.

Official Box art:

Regular Edition:

Ultimate Edition:

The North American Ultimate Edition will feature the following:
  • Exclusive Collectibles:
    • High-End Sculpted Replica of Pandora's Box
    • Limited-Edition God of War Art Book featuring exclusive art, content and interviews
  • Exclusive Digital Content: (available via PlayStation Network voucher codes on day of launch)
    • God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges
    • Premium Kratos Skin – Dominus
    • God of War: Unearthing the Legend Franchise Documentary – afull-length movie documentary depicting the history of the God of Warfranchise
    • God of War Trilogy Soundtrack – God of War, II, and III scores from the game (PSN download)
    • God of War: Blood and Metal EP – a heavy metal homage featuring original music inspired by God of War (PSN download)

  • God of War III is the epic conclusion to the Greek mythologicaltrilogy which will complete Kratos' story that began in the originaltitle for the PlayStation 2.
  • True to the series' roots, the four pillars of gameplay – brutalcombat, intricate puzzles, exploration of awe-inspiring worlds and acompelling story all return to make God of War III the ultimateexperience.
  • God of War III picks up exactly where the action of God of War IIleft off – Kratos must take his quest for vengeance to the verystronghold of Zeus. As the Army of Olympus surges out to meet him inbattle and the chaos of the Great War is reignited, Kratos must scalethe summit of Mount Olympus on the back of the mighty Titan Gaia,leading his new colossal allies in an all out assault on the Olympians.
  • The menacing creatures of Greek mythology in God of War III are notonly targets of Kratos' brutal destruction, but can now be manipulatedagainst their will, as he uses them to cross chasms, inflict blind rageagainst enemies, reveal puzzles and secrets and as tools of completeannihilation as he makes his way on a quest fueled by hate andvengeance.
  • As Kratos continues on his path of revenge, he will uncover newdeadly weapons like the Cestus – powerful metal gauntlets withdevastating strength, and other brutal instruments of war that willallow him to learn ruthless new techniques such as grappling withenemies and launching explosive wall to ground attacks.
  • Built from the ground up, the brand new engine that powers God ofWar III was designed for one main purpose – to achieve a level of scalenever thought possible. Kratos can now carve through armies of enemieswhile navigating on the back of a ‘living level’ – a massive, moving,breathing Titan as tall as the Empire State building.
  • The PS3's capabilities have allowed the developers to bring theworld of God of War to life like never before. Battling in detailed andunique 3D worlds lit by hundreds of dynamic lights and featuringtextures with quadruple the resolution, Kratos and his enemies nowfeature realistic muscle striations, detailed facial expressions andheightened levels of brutality and gore.

E3 2009 Demo early build of the game is available to the public right now on the PSN Store !


Video Games | God of War III | Exclusive Chaos Will Rise Trailer HD

XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

7 Elven is running this promo right now:


Some cool stuff that's worth getting is:

Kratos Dynamic Theme:

Kratos Morpheus Armor:

Calling it right now:

God Of War III Will Win 2010 Game Of The Year !!!!!!!!!
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GOW1&2 were crack.. i just played the demo and 3 looks ill. The scale of the game is 

PS3 is killin everyones pockets with all these hits next month. The Show, Final Fantasy & now this.. 

360 what?

notorious 858

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Originally Posted by Grimey

wuts this game about
Greek Mythology. Brutal & Gorey action adventure game franchise.

If you have a PS3 I'd highly suggest invest in and playing God Of War I & II before III releases:

It's cheap at $29 bucks for 2 epic games remastered in 720P at 60 FPS.

***Spoiler alert*** on God Of War I & II story video: Watch at your own risk !!!


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Pre-ordered mine last month at gamestop. The 16th can't come soon enough.
Joined Apr 9, 2001
Preordered mine in Jan.

*Ques epic God of War music*

Kratos stays
 through 3 games straight. 
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i was going to rent it but now im considering the ultimate pack

Wasnt there one more package that include all 3 God of War games?
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whomever didnt play 1and2 u need to..... spend that 30 and get the full effect cuz 3 is gonna shut my social life down for a month smh
Joined Dec 4, 2007
Ultimate Edition only comes with the box? and DLC? ....thats weak...regular edition will be bought!!!
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Originally Posted by i3allistic

Ultimate Edition only comes with the box? and DLC? ....thats weak...regular edition will be bought!!!
Chances are you cant find ultimate edition if you wanted to. Value will probably really increase once the game comes out.
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I was hoping GOW3 was gonna be of epic story length like MGS4, but a lack of install ruined my hopes.
If it's gonna be any shorter than Uncharted 2, I'm gonna be disappointed.
I'm purposely coppin' with low expectations.



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been waiting for this game for a while now
1 & 2 are both cclassics, 3 is said to look like nothing weve seen before

if u played the e3 demo, it is amazing but the final product is said to look way better
Joined Oct 15, 2008
damn sucks i need to play 1 and 2 to play 3. i have no time to play 1 and 2..
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when i'm finally done with heavy rain and both gow1 and gow2 i'll get this

sooo in like 4 months hahaz
Joined Dec 1, 2007
Originally Posted by aveezytheBEAST

Played The demo last night. Ive never played 1 or 2 but 3 look soooo sickkk!! coppin fo sho
Doubt you'll like it as much if you haven't played 1 & 2 cuz it is a legit story line there might be things you don't under stand
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