Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

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I’ll probably do aria or cosmopolitan next year from the looks of it. Just gotta save.

Lol I’m still here straight ghost town. I fly out at 6am in the morning. Vegas has been good to me. I smashed like 3 chicks out here. Dudes really was not shy about telling me I look good, I’m ok IDC lmao what you think. All love
Where you meet each girl at?
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Lol one at wet republic from england but she was Arabic we made out at the pool party like for 30 mins exchange numbers smashed after the party.

White chick after the flamingo pool party Milf status wanted some of the chocolate bar lmao

And another black girl I was just walking around in my hotel spit some game she way staying at the same hotel New York New York.

Vegas has been good lol
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I got options as far as dayclubs on Friday 6/14. I can’t decide where to go out of Marquee, Tao, Encore and Daylight. Which would y’all recommend? Going with my girl btw.
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I got options as far as dayclubs on Friday 6/14. I can’t decide where to go out of Marquee, Tao, Encore and Daylight. Which would y’all recommend? Going with my girl btw.
Does Palms still do Ditch Friday's? If so, that's the turn up party. Not as exclusive as some others, but an absolute blast.


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Aight finally got some time to do this trip report from MDW: Long read

Thursday- Get into Vegas about 1 pm (can't beat a 45 minute flight from Burbank), waiting for my bags and I walk into the liquor store to see how much they were taxing for the liq and as expected it was dumb. $50 for a bottle of Ciroc that's $25 in LA, but they had a couple representatives there that were giving out free shots so I got one of Titos and Grey Goose straight. No food in my stomach yet so a great start to the trip. I get my bags and head to my hotel (one of my companies so got it for the low low for the night), my room isn't ready yet so I head walking down the strip to grab some grub. My homies from LA were driving in but didn't get in until around 330 so eventually we ended up meeting at Cabo Wabo by the Miracle Mile shops and had some more food and drinks and watched the MIL-TOR game. I was kinda beat so we decided to take a nap until our last homie flew in at around 930.

We link up at the Vdara where they were staying and the Ciroc fest commenced. We had 5 or 6 bottles I think (watermelon and raspberry lemonade) and I think we went through 1 bottle for sure between the 4 of us before we headed out to Omnia. It was kinda low key since it was a Thursday night, but the music was decent and we were able to chat up a few breezys. Eventually we met these 2 girls from Boston that were in town, seemed cool enough, so I invited them and one of my homies back to my hotel since I had the room to myself. Long story short they drunk all the liquor and seemed down to smash, but the chick I was talking to said she had morals and wouldn't smash on the 1st night. I'm like "yea aight" so you couldn't have told me that before I invited y'all back to drIink my liq. But whatever it was only night one. We ended up ditching them around 5 am and went to sleep.

Friday- Checked into the Vdara where I was going to stay Friday and Saturday (did the sandwich trick and got upgraded to a slightly bigger suite with a great view of the Bellagio fountains and the mountains). Before I left LA, I had met a lady at the hotel I work at and chopped it up with her for a bit and somehow the topic of Vegas came up and she said she knew some members of the Tao Group and could link me with them for Marquee for Friday (as we didn't have any plans for the morning that day). So we ended up going there, but not before another bottle of Ciroc along with some other things were consumed so by the time we got to the pool party everybody was LIT. Ended up just vibing for the most part and I apparently was wylin out when "Old Town Road" came on and we just kinda hung around until like 5 chopped it up with more breezys but nothing materialized out of that. Headed out grabbed some grub and napped again before the night escapades.

We met back up around 1030 or so pregamed some more and headed over to Drais where Meek Mill was performing for the night. Unfortunately 2 of the homies had to go back to the hotel and change pants cause the bouncer was being an ******* about them wearing pants w/o belt loops in them. Strange cause dudes was dressed all kinds of ways when we went inside. So while me and another homie got in and was waiting for them to get back in, we met this Bachelorette party that was from Canada. They were really nice and asked us is there anywhere they can smoke some weed and if you've been to Drais before, even know there's postings about not smoking, there's hella weed smoke and people doing it. So we directed them to the balcony towards the back where they could do it and eventually they came back and thanked us and gave me and my boy some drinks from their table which was super dope. Exchanged contact info in case they wanted to shoot thru later or link on Saturday. Eventually the other 2 homies made it back around like 1 cause they were holding the line for a minute and Meek came on at like 230. Must do a table there next time cause the athletes snatched up damn near all the fire girls. Harden, Rudy Gay and Allen Crabbe were there along with some of the Seahawks players. Meek tore it up and performed for a solid 45 minutes at least including closing with "Dreams and Nightmares" which was epic. Drais has by far the best music to turn up to if you ask me. No cutty for the night again so we head back to get prepared for Saturday.

Saturday- EBC w/the Chainsmokers: unbeknownst to me when I purchased my ticket for this event I mistakenly chose a expedited female ticket instead of the general admission male ticket which was the same price at the time. But they didn't catch it when we went in so, which I was relieved cause they were charging $175 at the door for men to get in. Now this was a party. **** was super packed and the cheeks were out in abundance. Again we Ciroc and party favor pregamed before hand so we were pretty lit by the time we got in. We were chillin at the bar and it had finally warmed up some since Thursday so I had the pectorals poppin. A group of 3 snow bunnies walked by and one of them looked me up and down and said "you out here looking like baby daddy right now" I thought I misheard her and said "Huh, I look like your baby daddy?" but her friend explained what she meant and I was like oh ok that's wassup. So she introduced her and her friends to me and my boys and they were from Utah and just happened to be going to the same club we were going to later that night at KAOS and had a table (or so she said) and told me to hit them later. I was like, cool cool, we would and her friend kept rubbing on my cheeks so I kinda figured this may finally be a mission success. Chainsmokers were actually pretty good, they had the whole place vibin and we ended up getting pretty faded and eventually left at around 5 so we could get back and watch Game 6.

After the game was over, went and got ready for KAOS, I had on my purple velvet double brested suit with a special accessory that I'd purchased just for the trip, a hand of the King pin (from Game of Thrones) as my lapel for the night. It was one of the best decisions I made, besides the suit itself which was supa dupa fly, that pin was one of the easiest conversation starters I'd ever had. Girls were flocking left and right, taking pictures of it, discussing how we all hated the final season and how the show ended, and just dancing and having a good time. A couple of chicks bought me drinks and I was vibing but at this point all the liquor and favors had caught up to me and I was like my body is done I'm ready to go.

I checked my phone before we left and the Utah trio from earlier had hit me up saying they ended up going to 1Oak instead so I chalked it up as another L, but as we were leaving the one that called me baby daddy said they were taxing females to get in so they weren't going to go after all and wanted to know what we were doing. I told them we were headed back to the Vdara just to wind down and she asked if they could shoot thru. I told them sure and when we got back told one of my homies to bring whatever was left of the Ciroc down to my room. So they get there probably like 10 minutes after we get back and come to my room and we make em drinks.

Turns out they were some really cool girls, into the entertainment scene and sports too. Apparently baby daddy girl knew and had hooked up with a couple of the Utah Jazz players so I was trying to figure out if this was going to materialize into anything other than another drinking up the liq and dipping. Anyway my boy was trying to talk to the friend but she wasn't being real receptive and eventually around 4am she was like I'm going to go and asked baby daddy girl was she coming and baby daddy girl said nah I think I'm going to stay. I gave my boy the look and he was like yea think I'm going to call it a night too so he and the friend dipped leaving me alone with the other chick. So long story short she was definitely feeling the kid but was playing hard to get. Me not trying to catch a case was like I respect if you just wanna chill we ain't gotta do nothing and she was like "aww you're so sweet". So we fooling around for a little bit and she kept asking me was I getting frustrated, and I was like straight up "yea a little bit you a tease". That apparently is all she needed to hear cause she went and grabbed the meat and was like **** me. Ain't said nothing but a word, I proceeded to smash them cakes to smithereens. Mission complete. Shorties body was banging too had the piercings on the yitties and super tight but I gave her that good ol country boy D. We ended up passing out around 530 or 6 I think cause my alarm went off at 658 cause I was trying to get those Laker SBs that dropped last Saturday but no dice. She woke up probably about 9 talking about her back was hurting, I just looked at her and smirked, she said they don't **** like that back in Utah and that she's going to def have to make the trip to LA just for some more lol. I was like cool (hoping that doesn't happen tbh) but her phone had died so I had to call her an uber to get back to her spot, she did the ol walk of shame and that was that.

I was supposed to stay out Sunday too cause some more friends had come into town on Saturday night but my body was dead so I changed my flight again and left Sunday afternoon. Overall trip was litty. Already got another one booked for July 7-9th for the summer league, should have more success with the breezys that time, it's like shooting fish in a barrel if you young, black and look athletic haha.

*Definitely have to do bottle service somewhere next time, it's 100x easier to pull.

Again, sorry for the super long post.


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Going to Vegas for a bachelor party 2nd weekend of June. Any tips/tricks on what to do? Homies wanna do a day party but not sure which one yet.


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I forgot to put this in the story but apparently jerseys are ok to wear to pool parties now. I saw hella dudes in them I thought you couldn't wear them unless you had a table. Could be mistaken.
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After EBC is Drai's next up? Going on the 20th but I dont think EBC is having anything that day unfortunately. Was thinking Marquee but want to see the opinions on that.

Los Angeles

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will be in vegas june 28-30
a bunch of fam, got 3 rooms at paris
we don't party ... prolly just hit the pool, drink and eat.
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