Official "Going to Vegas in..." Vol. II "It was time"

Joined Mar 13, 2014
Where ate the best strip clubs in Vegas. Never been to one so thinking of giving it a try
Joined Oct 3, 2004
Going to Vegas for my bachelor party with about 8 other people would it be best to go through air bnb or hotels on the strip no exact date yet
Joined Mar 10, 2013
KAOS day party was live yesterday.

Tables been treating us well. Put in $100 cash and wife is sitting at about $1,500 and I’m at a stack.
Joined Mar 10, 2013
Trip report from this past weekend. TLDR: lots of gambling, KAOS dayclub was great, took home some money.

Touched down Friday about 3p. Grabbed some beers/wine for the room. Checked into Encore. Hit In N Out on the strip to get some energy in the body. From there went to Planet 13 to grab some 'ndo and gummies. Partied and gambled until about 2a on Friday. Won a couple hundred. Wife hit $1k on a $5 "7's" blackjack bet. She was up about $1,300 on night one.

Saturday got up got fresh and went over to KAOS day party. Great time. Had regular tickets and got in with no wait at about 12p. Was able to get a good spot on the poolside to keep as homebase, but most good spots were filling up quick. Joint started really popping about 1:30p. Marshmellow came on about 3:30. Spent about $300 on drinks for wife and I and blacked out at some point. Girls were looking RIGHT. Bounced at some point. Took a short nap and gambled ALL night. Went up another $500 or so at the craps tables and had an absolute blast on the Encore side.

Stayed up through the Federer/Djoker match. Amazing. Was the only person at Wynn sports book for the entire first set. Joint was on the big screens of course, even though it was technically closed. I was in there though. Gambled for a couple hours after the match and then had to head up and get some sleep.

Got up and started rolling craps again about 5p on Sunday. Rocked another $400 on them until about 5a on Monday morning.

Tried on so many dope watches at Watches of Switzerland. Need to grab that blue Omega Seamaster 300m for sure when the timing is right.

We jetted to the airport about noon on Monday. I took $1.1k and wife took $1.3k. Great weekend at the tables for sure. Craps is definitely our favorite thing to do out there. Sipping bourbons, wine, beers on the house and having a blast while doing it. Tough to beat.

Here's what I'll say. The lines at XS were looking tired and the EBC parties weren't very packed either (had a view of them from my room). My advice would be to hit KAOS over EBC this summer. Dude I met at the tables told me he never saw XS as dead as it was on Friday night.
Joined Dec 13, 2012
XS/EBC needs to change/adjust their pricing structure on tables/bottles, you get more bang fo yo buck at KAOS especially going thru Bobby.
Joined Apr 3, 2004
Since Kaos opened, EBC has been looking weaker. You can only keep pushing Chainsmokers for so long before people get tired of them.:lol:
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