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greg papa and gary st jean back with the warriors. too much real life.

how bizarre must it be for greg papa to be in the position fitzgerald use to be and bob be in the seat that use to be his...
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Originally Posted by thapointguy

Are we gonna get a glimpse of Kwame tonight
Nope, was mentioned before the game.

Jimmer's offensive game is impressive...Typical Warrior team losing a 19 point lead.
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We need guys that can score off the bench. The starters came back in to hold the Kings off. Bench has athleticism and hustle but we need someone to ignite the offense when Monta/Curry are out the game.
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Can't take much from a preseason game but the defense did seem to look a little better (from what I watched in the 1st half).

Udoh played well- looks like he's improved his offensive game
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Got to go to the game, it was ugly as hell towards the end, both teams have a ways to go. Wish Kwame would have gotten some burn. I'll post some pics later if anyone's interested.

I like Rush on the Warriors, but how about a decent big man?
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[Vent] I can't be the only person that just cannot stand Henry Wofford. There is nothing more annoying than someone that speaks the way he does.
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What is the low down on Brandon Rush? Is he a solid pick up for the W's?

Was glad to see the game tonight and see the W's pull out the win. Good to see Biedrins hustle...despite his stats. Curry looks like he add some muscle too, which is good.

Ekpe and Jenkins. I like those guys coming off the bench.
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Originally Posted by LiveMyReality

What is the low down on Brandon Rush? Is he a solid pick up for the W's?
Rush kinda sucks. He's that kind of mentally fragile, inconsistent player that isn't meeting his potential. He's solid on defense though.

I guess it was a mutual trade since IND has a lot of swingmen, and GSW has a lot of bigs.
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I liked Amundson. He was a workhorse. I guess we could use a bigger SG/SF to hold down the bigger guards/forwards when need be. We seriously are thin up front.
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I like the Rush trade. As much as I wanted Lou to work out, it just didn't. He wasn't the player he was in PHX. He tried to hard on his offense instead of just working hard and letting the rest fall in to place. The Warriors could have used an energy guy (especially a big after Turiaf got traded), but it wasn't meant to be with Lou.
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Originally Posted by Luong1209

^I think he's been wearing Jordan 8.0 (Not to be confused with Jordan 8s).

I know he was wearing those during media day pictures but from the highlights of the game he sure did look like he was wearing something different.
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