Official: GTA V Thread: GTA Online NEVER DIES: Game Now Has Been On 3 Console Generations

Will you buy GTA V For PS4 OR XBOX ONE

  • Yes: I waited out and skipped GTA V For PS3 & XBOX 360

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Yes: I love the game and will be gladly double dip on the game

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • No: I'm waiting for the PC version of the game to come out

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • No: I hated GTA Online and will never trust R* again

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No: GTA games aren't my type of games and I'll stick to other games like COD: AW, Assassins Creed Un

    Votes: 1 9.1%

  • Total voters


formerly drizzyd
Joined Jun 1, 2009
They better be working on that GTA 6
Feel like when we saw the first trailer for GTAV it was still like 2 years out wasn’t it? I don’t doubt they’re working on it but with how popular V still is i’m sure they’re in no rush
Joined Jan 5, 2011
I've talked with some on here about my love for game series'.

So I started the GTA series last winter. Hadnt played the originals since the when they first came out. Since I've beaten everything already, definitely used codes with no remorse. Mostly interested in the story over the stress. Started at III. Got the trilogy and played it on PS4. It was pretty rough learning the controls again. But it was a fun time. Remembered the old codes. Looked pretty good once I hit Vice City. III looked awful loll. And was the weakest.

Vice City was revolutionary. Really fun, even now. Especially with cheats

San Andreas was goated. And has the invincibility cheat. And the no police ever cheat. Had a blast. Great story. Huge Map. Lots of variety. Aged well.

Finished IV a couple weeks ago. On Xbox Series X. Game was meh tbh. 2nd weakest. And ugly. But loved the way it handled cheats. Saving them in the phone is brilliant. IV was mostly cheeks except for a few moments.


The DLC was legit. Played also on XSX.

Not the Lost though, that was buns.

But Ballad of Gay Tony is goated. That was awesome. Completely **** on IV.

Just started GTAV PS4 disk on PS5. Visually...incredible. It's been boosted. Beautiful. I hate how they handle cheats on it though. Back to having to enter it every time. And the phone not saving them. Annoying af. Hate the driving controls too. Being forced to use R2 and L2 to accelerate and reverse, when every game prior was X and O. R1 for hand break. Its lame af. controls overall feel weird. But the visuals and fights and gun battles and landscape and cars and everything looks so good.

If you havent ever played them b2b. Or havent played them since they released, I fully recommend it. There's a lot of moments we forgot. It's a good time. And it makes the time go by. Feels like new adventures.


Joined Oct 31, 2009
GTA IV didn’t feel like a GTA game, but I enjoyed the hell out of it and the DLC. My favorite in the series after SA
Joined Aug 21, 2013

Maybe they finally drop some single player DLC. :rolleyes
Totally necessary.

GTA IV didn’t feel like a GTA game, but I enjoyed the hell out of it and the DLC. My favorite in the series after SA
GTA IV is personally my favorite. I got really emotionally attached to Niko.

Ballad of gay tony was really good too.
Didn’t bother playing too much on lost and damned. I hate driving the motorcycle :lol:
Joined Jan 3, 2011
GTA Vice City is my favorite out of all the GTA games. The 80's timeline setting and homage to Miami Vice and Scarface, the soundtrack, and all of the actors used to do the character voice over work.
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Joined Nov 28, 2012
Next Gen version HAS to run at 60 FPS in order for me to purchase a third time. All these XBOX boosted titles have me spoiled.

make sure you change the quality settings to at least 720p
Joined Mar 28, 2004

they need to get with some of these youtube creators and build some new modes
Fail Race's Survivor the Hunt is one of my favorite series, and it's simple rules, no mods just base GTA
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