Official: GTA V Thread: PS5 & Xbox Series X Versions Delayed To March 2022: GTA Online NEVER DIES:

Will you buy GTA V For PS4 OR XBOX ONE

  • Yes: I waited out and skipped GTA V For PS3 & XBOX 360

    Votes: 24 16.6%
  • Yes: I love the game and will be gladly double dip on the game

    Votes: 103 71.0%
  • No: I'm waiting for the PC version of the game to come out

    Votes: 9 6.2%
  • No: I hated GTA Online and will never trust R* again

    Votes: 7 4.8%
  • No: GTA games aren't my type of games and I'll stick to other games like COD: AW, Assassins Creed Un

    Votes: 4 2.8%

  • Total voters


Joined Jan 2, 2012
Is this a sequel to red dead redemption ??
Yup, supposedly coming out in 2014.

I love GTA and pretty much every R* game, but I always get bored of them halfway through the game for some reason.

RDR was their only game that I couldn't put down.
It was the only one that didnt get repetitive either but that was really because it was so short. That being said my body is ready for this and GTA V


formerly swendro88
Joined Aug 1, 2005
Why start an official thread when you have no info?
Joined Jun 23, 2008
NT loves RDR and I dont get it.

All you did was herd, find this guy and kill him, and race. The ENTIRE game.
Joined Jul 19, 2012
More info on GTA V??
NT loves RDR and I dont get it.
All you did was herd, find this guy and kill him, and race. The ENTIRE game.
For me Marston was just way more of an interesting character than Niko was in GTA IV. I'm also one of the few here that really liked GTA IV.
Joined Aug 25, 2008
Good! GI always goes in-depth with their cover stories. I remember copping the issue with Vice City on the cover; had a good 10+ NEW screenshots & 5+ pages of info :smokin
Joined Jul 20, 2012
From the info leaked on Red Dead Rebellion, no John Marston.

It's allegedly a prequel to Red Dead Revolver too.
Joined Jan 3, 2011
Seriously I don't get how some NT'ers thought the game would be out by December ?

When only 1 trailer and a couple screen shots have been officially released in close to a year since the announcement trailer dropped.

That's more wishful thinking and a PIPE dream.

R* does things their own way. But you guys are idiots thinking it would be out by this year.

They need to do their marketing campaign which usually is 4-6 to six months.That's why now magazines like Game Informer and gaming websites are getting invites to R*'s offices in NYC where they are being shown a demo of the game which are picked & controlled by R*.The Magazines editors probably won't even get to touch and play the game.

It's safe to say the release date will be between March to May 2013.
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Joined Sep 1, 2012
NT loves RDR and I dont get it.
All you did was herd, find this guy and kill him, and race. The ENTIRE game.
its the game of the year for a reason..rockstar is a trendsetter, it is glitchy at times but still overall a great game, got 100% game completion the last mission i couldnt find for over a week i finally broke down and checked online..also undead nightmare is pretty ill, basically got 2 games for 26 bux.
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