Official: GTA V Thread: PS5 & Xbox Series X Versions Delayed To March 2022: GTA Online NEVER DIES:

Will you buy GTA V For PS4 OR XBOX ONE

  • Yes: I waited out and skipped GTA V For PS3 & XBOX 360

    Votes: 24 16.6%
  • Yes: I love the game and will be gladly double dip on the game

    Votes: 103 71.0%
  • No: I'm waiting for the PC version of the game to come out

    Votes: 9 6.2%
  • No: I hated GTA Online and will never trust R* again

    Votes: 7 4.8%
  • No: GTA games aren't my type of games and I'll stick to other games like COD: AW, Assassins Creed Un

    Votes: 4 2.8%

  • Total voters


Joined Feb 28, 2008
Going to put it on the PS5 and transfer the data today. Down for some heists with the NT fam.
Joined Mar 9, 2010
I'll be on (ps4) later tonight. Still the only NTLK tag in the Los Santos streets mostly. PSN: kingjosef10
Joined May 10, 2018
Stop putting shark card money into Rockstar's pockets. That's the only reason we've been playing this same game for 7 years. They literally make bank with it :smh:
I feel u havent got 1 in 3 years for same reason. But other people still do. Justtryna save em some $$
Joined Mar 13, 2014
Hell I havent even completed the original heist so I dont care for the new one at all.

Also, I feel there's no point in buying a shark card this late in the game. They pretty much give you free in game money now just for logging on at certain times.
Joined Mar 9, 2010
Can't lie, haven't even come close to touxhing the Cayo Perico heist. Bought the sub and said meh. Been having fun on PC. Mods change everything :smokin


formerly toine2983
Joined Dec 21, 2005
when are they finally gonna drop the trailer for the expanded / enhanced edition??? :rolleyes
You mean the PS5/XSX version?

That isn't dropping til closer to the end of the year.

First info we get wouldn't probably be until summer.


formerly toine2983
Joined Dec 21, 2005
Wait, they're releasing a Xbox Series X/PS5 version of GTA 5?


Maybe they finally drop some single player DLC. :rolleyes
Joined Jun 29, 2016

Maybe they finally drop some single player DLC. :rolleyes
I was hoping for a 4K patch, but this will do.

I still haven't even completed the single player campaign, so I'll repurchase it again a 3rd time whenever I get a Series X.
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