Official H-Town Holiday Summit 07 Post

Dec 6, 2001
As usual we ask that everyone be responsible for their own belongings, and please patronize the Cafe by ordering food and/or drinks, as they have provided us with a great atmosphere to enjoy our summit.ed. Here is what we have so far. We are thinking of Saturday, Dec. 30th in the afternoon early evening at

We will be going back to basics on this one; food, drank, kicks, DJ, and xbox360 w Madden, NBA LIVE, Fight Night, etc. I may talk to the local shops to see if anyone is intrested in doing a raffle.

Let us know what you guys think about this. Now is your time to chime in, bring something to the table, and make a difference. Dont wait until after the summit to let us know how it could have been better. If you want to rep your store, crew, collection, whatever, now is the time to do so.

Please spread the word about this event/post. All updates will be posted on the first page as they occur so keep checking back often.

Reppin H-Town, TX on NT since 2001
Madden, I'm down...

We should have an organized tournament though.
Down south we get paid. Don't know about you.
I'll confirm with you and let you know whats good. To be honest, these back forums don't get much exposure.
Down south we get paid. Don't know about you.
If theres some Fight Night Round 3 on the 360 Im there
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You aint gettin' in sucka.​
My bad about the Hoop Summit. d.e.beatup jr. arrived a few weeks ago, so my hands (& feet) have been tied up. If peeps still wanna get down, I'll make some calls. Otherwise, I may make a brief visit to Live & get sonned on Madden (haven't played in like 2 years).
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Count the new guy in. No madden for me just there for the booze.


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What happened wit tha hoop summit?? i wanna hoop wit yall cats mayn!
..:team TEXAS:..
Real ninjas dont jam Dike Jones
ill be missin this one as ill be out of town for the weekend
Cause we get them Dirty deals​
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NBA 2K7 anyone?
Cause we get them Dirty deals... member #5
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i can't wait... Looking forward to this...
Wanted List:
Anything in a sz. 12

I'ma see if i can move some stuff around and catch the tail end of this thing afterall

NT 2001
This summit is for all H-Town Sneaker Heads including non-Niketalkers.
A few flyers have been passed out to the local shops, so dont be suprised to see some new faces there amongst the old ones.

Reppin H-Town, TX on NT since 2001
Whats up h-town? A cohort of NTers from San Antonio are planning on making the trip to your summit next week. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys.

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