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Stars have been absolutely abysmal on the PP these first three games of the playoffs. 1/12 and just came up with like 2 shots on a 5 on 3 for 1:30 :smh:

Or maybe Nashville's defense is just that good.

Our PP is awful by the way, so our penalty kill is our only chance.
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You happy with the Vigneault hire?
i honestly really do. Hes a guy who has been around and knows how to win (at least get you to playoffs). One of the most experienced coach we had in recent years for sure as well. our whole team just needs a rebuild. Im so over ghost and hopefully give our younger defensive guys a chance this up coming farabee, frost, myers

some philly fans on the other hand was not so happy about it via social media which i dont understand why ? dude aint even step foot yet in philly lol but you know how we are as fans smh

my main wish is for Paul Holmgren to just vanish
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Tampa really about to get swept out here, wow. Stanley Cup playoffs da GOAT anything can happen on the ice :pimp:
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I couldn’t imagine being a Lightning fan. Putting all that emotional investment for them just to do that. Plus now the rangers don’t get their first round pick. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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He seems lost as hell, usually this happens when players aren't playing up to you expectations. Also, I'm not trying to come up with excuses, but ever since we lost Simek to injury, the defense hasn't been the same.
Thanks bruh. Unfortunately the Kings are full of washed underachievers, so this should be interesting. Hopefully the vets step back and some of the youngsters start taking over. I hope Todd has an idea of an offense. Stevens was passive and lost as a coach and Willie D was a complete douche so there’s nowhere to go but up :lol:
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