***Official Jordan Spiz'ike White/True Blue 4/28 Post***

Dec 14, 1999
04/28/2007 Jordan Spiz'ike
315371-163 White/Varsity Red-True Blue

As always, please continue any and all discussion about these shoes within this thread. Any new post created outside this thread will be locked/deleted on site. Please be curteous and patient when asking a question.

**As far as I know they are a general release. Probably a "limited GR". Which means most retail spots will carry them. Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Finishline, etc...I'd do some research in your area to find out though. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Check your regional forums for more information.

**Most say they fit "true to size". So buy what you'd normally wear.

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Best Spiz'ikes so far. Wasn't expecting them to release a week early so I'm not sure if I get them. Does any of the money generated from these shoes still benefit Morehouse College (I know the white ones did)?
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Why does this spizike come with the Mars logo and the black one didn't?
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got my pair on lock. waitin to pick them up thursday nite! best spizike colorway imo....
No desire to get these- the black colorway was the best...

EDIT- They DO look better in person-hmm....
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So.............wheres the hype?? *chirp* *chirp* ok.....? Every 1 is broke from the OLNL..hope this is going to be a easy release..
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didnt get any dubzero, wont get any spiz'ike....$175 not worth it, wasted a lot of money last weekend....
thanx JB for giving my wallet a rest...will for sure pass on these
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Local FA got 62 pairs in way more than the OLNL can't wait for this cop....love the spizikes!!!
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question...have the spi'zikes been on swoosh.com???
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WOW those are fire, will footlocker have these?

damn my man, you didnt even have to click around to figure this one out.

But on the real... I think these will sit around due to the OLNL release. These arent a bad colorway at all.

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im pickin these up friday night at my local footaction, right before they close... either that or im gunna pick up another BMP then im done for a couple of months

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Strange enough, my FootLocker has over 100 pairs...
GR for now, but rumor has it Gentry's going to package it with a Toboggan and mitten set and sell it for $750
I agree best looking Spiz'ike, but still ugly as all outdoors so I will pass and get gear up for next month. Ton of 1's coming out. :D
i want these..but i might b a lil broke this weekend cause i'm goin to the city..but i'ma see what i can do..
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Sounds to me it'll be a GR....looks like a lot of people's spots have many pairs.
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i like these way better than any that hav released but not gettin these........there turning into dub-zeros
is it that serious that kicksrus needs to sell it for $350? It's not as limited as the previous 2 spizikes...
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Local FNL has only 18 pairs in so far, Champs only has 15 pair, luccy for me 4 of those 15 are 10.5 so I gotta get down 8)

Gotta get these, missed the Blacc spizikes cuz I didnt know FNL was gettin them and the sheisters wouldnt let me throw them on layaway...anyway been waiting for these and its going down in a major way :smokin
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