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Tonight is the debut of FXs highly anticipated drama, Justified. I for one am very excited for this series following the previews that I saw. I hope my expectations aren't too high seeing that FX has spoiled us with great series the last few years. Let's keep all of the discussions and thoughts in one thread. If you want to add spoilers in the discussion please use spoiler tags.

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TV Guide review:


TV’s Cool New Lawman

By Matt Roush� March 15, 2010 07:45 AM EST
Raylan Givens, the hero of FX’s terrific new series Justified, is a disarming character in every sense of the word.

As played with laconic charm and drawling irony by Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood), Raylan’s a bona fide hero (a rare breed on FX), a deputy U.S. marshal—“Like in Gunsmoke?
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Good looks, I've been hyped for this show but I had no idea when it started
Hope it's even half as good as 'The Shield' was.
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I don't think that it'll be The Shield but I think it'll be damn good in its own right given time.
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Vigilante Justice Series + F/X + Timmy Olyphant =

I've been waiting for this for about a month now.
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Good premiere

I'm going to love the friend/enemy dynamic that Raylen and Boyd have. Going to make for some good moments.


I'll give my full review later. This is definitely going to be must see TV this season.
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Good 1st episode.

will continue to watch.

Was that my dude Terry from True Blood running with Boyd's crew
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Was not dissapointed, I look forward to how this plays out.


1. Rescue Me
2. Justified
3. Sons of Anarchy

crazy ebw

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Got this on the DVR, looking forward to it. FX puts out SHOWS. That and the fact that Tim is the lead? I'm digging it already.
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I only remember seeing that pic in the OP once in tv guide maybe. I watched the Good Wife and some Parenthood instead.
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Boyd better be a recurring character... Walton Goggins plays the ultimate %+@***%.
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Yeah, saw the commercials for this and looked really cool.

Watched the premiere a couple times. Def a good show. A lot of potential.

When I saw the show was based on an Elmore Leonard story, my intrigue was confirmed. Loved the movie Out Of Sight, also based on a story of his.

Will be tuning in each episode.

Olyphant is that dude.
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Being that it was the series premiere, I knew it was gonna start off slow, but the 2nd half of the episode was fire. Little more gun slingin' than I originally thought as well
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Goggins is gonna be back. NO WAY they have him in like every promo for the show to have him be murked in the 1st episode. I think it just sets the tone that these dudes aren't even gonna be friendly to each other anymore.

Good premiere, I can tell this is gonna be a show on the same level as Sons of Anarchy.
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premiere was

i set it up in my DVR ...

i wish they would have showed dude putting the dynamite in the guy's mouth ... but either way i got the picture
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Premiere was ok, I was expecting more.  I don't like the white supremacists storyline.  Every time I saw Timothy Olyphant's character, I just think of him in Deadwood.  Lawman with facial hair, cowboy hat and quick with the gun. 
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Good premiere ep. After watching the scenes for future eps at the end I am definitely gonna be watching this every week.
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