*~*~Official Kidz in the Hall Thread - New Album Out March 9th...WHY SO SLEPT ON?~*~*~

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For some reason they are SUPER slept on on NT...New Album drops March 9th...

New album is

here's the first single for those who haven't heard it...beat is

Takin Over the World is the next single and DOPE as well...

Anyone else feelin them?
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Most here know about them, I think. I like them as well. But as far as the masses most dont know them.

Unless they've heard similar acts like Murs, Blu and Exile, Jay Electronica and such.

But Professional Leisure their latest mixtape/EP is good as well.

Official album drops March 9


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Kidz In The Hall are dope, but what about them is similar to Murs, Blu, or Jay Electronica? Just because they're underground? I don't get it. I don't think Murs, Blu, and Jay share many similarities either.. but that's just me.
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^ Yeah, because they're all underground. Not to say they're all the same. Maybe I should've clarified.

But I heard about them only after my friend put me on to Murs and Blu.


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Word man, well I'm glad you like what you are hearing. Murs, Jay Elect, and Blu are definitely top notch material...

If you liked the Blu & Exile joint, check out Fashawn - Boy Meets World, if you haven't already... Exile did that whole joint too
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the Professional Leisure Tour FreEP =

Land of Make Believe =

and I love there other material...they are slept on too much
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They are definitely slept on and they might be making a decent move this year. I just saw Sports Center playing one of their songs last night. So they might actually make a decent mark this time around.
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I've dug much of their matarial since School Was My Hustle, I'll be checking out Land of Make Believe.
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I'm a fan and didn't even know about LOMB and I got all of their other material.

I been needing something new so I'll check it out now.

They don't get talked about on here much cuz NT some time has to pick and choose what neglected great artists to harp on. With all the other trash getting attention it's be impossible to give just due to every dope hip hop artist.
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I like them boys. They do the damn thing, their production is on point and they're consistant.
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Originally Posted by MusicalExcellence

i was gonna say cuz they wack as hell

but i was thinkin of the cool kids
I didn't get down with them for a minute because I thought they were like the Cool Kids

then I heard Driving Down The Block and the Remix from off "The In Crowd" and started messin with them
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