Official LA Lakers @ Atlanta Hawks 03/31/10 Vol. Just 4 more

Joined Jan 11, 2006
--I'm already mentally prepared to take the L. The Hawks gonna take this.
--I dont usually act like NobleKane but Hawks are gonna ball us up.

--We just need 4 W's to mathematically seal the 1 spot for the west. This game will not be one of those 4.
--Prove me wrong Lakeshow. Please.

--Nonetheless...lets GO LAKERS!!
Joined Dec 6, 2007
That was a bad loss yesterday...down by 17 to the Hornets? dang man. Bibby is not fast so I think we can take this. I am only going to look at the point gaurd matchup in the regular season games to see if we got a shot to win haha. C'mon Lakers!
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yehh i also feel the hawks will take this...theyre playing with a lot of hustle and have that extra step that we cant match...especially with josh smiths explosiveness on the defensive side as well as the offensive side...jamal crawford the obvious 6th man of the year and he will probably outscore our bench on his own

a young team like the hawks are gearing up for the postseason and by beating the world champs thats tremendous confidence

i just hate how we need a loss to get our heads straight
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another loss. nothing else to say. if the lakers play like the 80's kings team come playoff time they will be eliminated sooner than later
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although the lakers usually bounce back and play well after a loss, i see us losing this game. This is one of the rare times that I feel like we're gonna lose before the game even starts
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Ah, Laker pessimism at it's best. I'm confident we'll come out with a win. If not, it really doesn't mean so much at this point.
Joined May 19, 2004
Vol. Front row looking like the BET Awards/12K Laker fans, 8K Hawks fans.


formerly drizzyd
Joined Jun 1, 2009
Feelin like Kobes gona have a triple double, or 40+.

Anyone remember when KCAL used to show the games on delay?.. I like the fact that they dont do that anymore.. Id always come across the score by accident watching sportscenter or checking my fantasy squad.

Cmon D-Fish, get the best of Bibby.. Just one time!

Wishful thinking?.. I expect Bibby to continue his dominance over D-Fish...
Joined Aug 6, 2003
Fisher's bad d lately has become more obvious with no Bynum down low.

But let's go Lakers. Feels wrong.
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