Official LA Lakers @ Golden State Warriors 3/15/10 Vol. Even Snoop Dogg Dont Believe In You No More

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--Impressive win over the Suns last night. Except the free throws. And Kobe's turnovers. And too many 3balls.
--We should be able to handle the Warriors at their place, get the starters some rest cuz its the first of  a back to back.
--GSW play with a lot of energy at the Oracle. Hopefully Lakers match it.
--Bean likes playing there anyway. And half the crowd are Laker fans. Nice.

--With that said...lets GO LAKERS!!
--Yes, its another game thread...
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- Warriors Stay in Game til 4th
- Steph Curry & Monta drop 60 pts combined

- Kobe gets more Ft's than Entire Warriors team
- Lakers by 15
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Lakers by 10..........If Lakers lose, all hell breaks loose in this thread and Warriors fans Will Believe Again.
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--2 stone faces already?
--Wont it be more satisfying when or if the Warriors win and you can throw the title back in my face?

--"Disrespectful" titles are just for fun. And cuz I got a streak going with 'em.
--Dont take it personal. I even spoke good about the Warriors in the OP.
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i dont find it disrepectful at all. i wish you could of come up with some better. 
A for Effort 

F for execution



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The stone face from me was for the title being lame more so than disrespectful.
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Originally Posted by Fearless

lmao at the title. should be a good game

probably not even
if its not a blowout then there are 2 possible scenarios
1) stay in the game until the 4th quarter then blow it
2) mount a near comeback in the 4th quarter then blow it
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Originally Posted by Andrew630

Warriors win it.

curse you OP you shouldve let me make this thread

i will be at the game and i expect to see my man curry put a hurting on the Lakers and kobe...monta with 35 pts 8 assists and 5 rebounds...steph with 33, 12, 8

warriors 142 Lakers 88

oracle stand as one as they chant R.O.Y for curry....oh wait were not arco
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--I just noticed people like to give predicted scores in Laker/Warrior threads...some are out there though
--Lakers 122 Warriors 114 F
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