Official LA Lakers @ New Orleans Hornets 3/29/10

Joined Jan 11, 2006
--Good win in Houston the other night. Hopefully we show up again tonight and get the W.
--Denver lost yesterday so we gotta lock up that 1 spot.

--Lets GO LAKERS!!
Joined May 5, 2009
the hornets are dangerous...didnt they blow out the mavs a couple weeks ago?

hopefully we can keep the intensity from here on out

all i know is cp3 is gonna run circles around fish and ears
Joined Sep 5, 2005
If only they can carry over the momentum and aggressive offense they showed on Saturday, but we'll see.
Joined May 5, 2009
what the heck just happened...look like we were playing our game then boom down 11

this could get ugly ala OKC if we dont play our game
Joined Dec 29, 2009
bench farmer,take powell out, put the starters in for the rest of the game. this is ridiculous. lakers dont deserve to go to the playoffs.

btw, trade kobe
Joined Mar 3, 2006
This has to be the ONLY "elite" team in the league that struggles against 2nd and 3rd tier teams......we're gonna have our biggest problems in the 1st round this year
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