Official Lebron Retro Thread: Potential Lebron 2 "Dunkman" Retro

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News broke today that Nike may be retroing Lebrons this year starting with the Lebron 2 "Dunkman". Thoughts? If true what Lebrons do you want retroed
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Gonna need the story to that gif. Cray.

I'm in on the Dunkman 2s. They can slow down on releasing anything else.
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I'm all in on these. Finally get a chance to own one of my all time Lebron grails :smokin
Joined Jul 22, 2014
please dont be limited...
They probably will be somewhat in order to build interest and hype to attract people that don't normally buy lebrons

Or crappy quality
I think it would be in nike best interest to make these the best quality they can to start off but we know how nike is sometimes. Ten years from now they'll be talking about "remastered"
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Hopefully Nike blesses us with a GR with the actual Zoom Max cushioning. This was one of my favorite shoes to ball in until they bottomed out.
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