Official LeBron X Thread Vol. 2: Corks and Volts Launch 2/23

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Joined Jan 27, 2012
Ok made up my mind thanks to the pics above ... If I can get the Volt's for $126 like the Carbons then these will be copped.

Agreed, grey laces will seal the deal :smokin


Joined Oct 10, 2012
I saw that the Soldier VI is getting a BHM version...which reminds me...I saw the Nike release calendar a while back and while I don't remember where I found it nor do I remember exactly what is dropping in January...Doesn't the BHM pack drop on the 19th? That's in like 2 weeks. Still haven't seen a picture of anything from this year's BHM pack except for the Soldier, which I'm good on.
Anybody got any info/pics?? I REALLY liked the BHM Lebron IX last year and I swear I NEVER see them on feet...I almost started to second guess that they even exist (except that I have them...)
There was a screen shot in the KD V thread from china with the BHM's listed and all the BHM shoes had a January 19th RD.  Still no pics to my knowledge, other than the soldiers.  Going off that theme they are going with a "The Gods Must Be Crazy" OG Africa style on em.
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All those talking about they can't wear Bron Xs casually......

Step ya'll game up.

Taken from IG...


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now they reusing the little logo on the inside ankle area?! or maybe the backstory for these is that the ducks somehow flew into molten lava radiation area, got contaminated, and then came out as the hidden evil bro or something dubbing these "Danger Level Turkey Points." :smh:
repped. :smokin :smokin :smokin
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whoever said Bron's can't be worn on the reg, need a straight up slap. them joints are too dope. and stalley can dress! :smokin

and those Dunkmans Are def copped.

and i've really notice this for sure now. sure those Dunkman 9's are dope. but remember yall they were stupid od limited. :x:smh:

did yall really like em because they were super limited or are yall lying?
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I'm in Pittsburgh and just went to the mall and every sneaker store still had full sizes of prisms Damn they look great in person and on feet
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bought my first pair to replace my 9 elites....needless to say i bought 5 pairs of lebron x to ball in....they ARE that good to play in..
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Dunkman X's are nice. I think they're on par with those sample volt IX elites
That being said, I won't grab them just because I have the volt flyknits and don't really feel the need for multiple all-volt shoes.
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The only Lebron X's that I'd mess with are the Corks for trade value and the Votls to ball in if I can get them for a good deal
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why does stalley take so many pictures? it seems like ppl used to be mad at wale for doing the same thing, but for some reason stalley gets a pass.


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Stalley killed those prisms.

Most of the time, a simple fit is the most effective fit.
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