OFFICIAL LEGIT WEBSITE LIST 2011...Updated with over 200 Websites!!


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Here it is! I updated our legit websites list after neglecting it for awhile. A ton of new websites have been added and I took down all broken links and websites which were no longer active. Websites which are in larger font and bold are just a few of my personal favorite websites which I can personally vouch for.

Please check this guide first, before you ask if a website is legit. We can eliminate many repeat questions by doing so.I will try and keep this updated as much as I can.Feel free to post any additional websites and I'll try and add them ASAP after verifying the authenticity.

Although the websites on this list appear to be authentic, Nike Talk cannot guarantee the legitimacy or service of all the sites listed. Please report any dead links orproblems.

Websites which contain FULL size runs of hard to get sneakers and/or prices which seem to good to be true are usually a sign of a FAKES-selling website. STAY AWAY and BE CAUTIOUS!
Websites which sell FAKE sneakers/merchandise will NOT be tolerated and will be taken down immediately! Anyone promoting fraudulent websites will also be BANNED!

**In addition, there has been an ongoing debate with early-release sites such as Air Randy, Slamdunkspace, MarqueeSole, MentalKicks and VMVinc. Many will vouch for these sites as being authentic, but others claim that these sites sell high quality fakes, b-grades or after market scraps. Whatever the case may be, PLEASE USE THESE SITES WITH EXTREME CAUTION.The sites will guarantee 100% authentic shoes, but there's still no way to be sure. Please check out the ongoing discussion here: Early Jordan Release INFO. Its time everyone knows.


Air Jordans and Nikes and Free USA Shipping!
Asian Website, Yen to Dollar translation!

4 Kickz
Air Jordans, Kobes, Lebrons and other Nikes and New Balance (Added 5-13-2007)
Casual to Skate shoes and everything in between. No rare/exclusive type kicks (Added 1-04-2011)

Active Mail Order
A ton of skate gear and kicks including retail pricing on Nike SB's (added 11-14-2006)

Air Gordons
(Added 1-10-2011) Decent Selection of rare and hard to find sneakers!

Air Knight
(Added 12-14-2011)

Alans Store
England based skate shop...Nike SB's and more! (Added 10-23-2007)

All Things Jordan 
Ran by allthingsjordan Ability to make offers on Air Jordans, Lebrons and other Nikes!

Als Sports
A ton of name brand shoes! (Added 1-10-2011)

American Athletics
A Chuck Taylor heaven!  (Added 10-24-2007)

ANYC Online
(Added 1-10-2011) Air Jordans, Nikes, SB's etc! Free UPS Ground shipping!

ATC MIA (Air Traffic Control-Miami)
(Added 1-10-2011) Jordans, Nikes, SB's, Adidas, etc...

(Added 10-24-2007)Japan based website!

At The Buzzer
(Added 9-11-2011)

Attic Online
(Added 1/4/2011) Urban Brands including many Jordans and Nikes!

(Added 10-24-2007)

Bargain Pump
(Added 2-15-2011) Basically the clearance section for Surf
Decent selection of Nike SB's (added 6-30-06)

Before The Drop
lots of preorders and early releases! (Added 2-12-11)

Bite My Shoes
(Added 1/4/2011)

BNYC Online
(Added 5-13-07)

(Added 8-3-2008)

Cali Roots
Foreign website from Stockholm (added 5-13-07)


The Champions League
(Added 3-10-2011)

Champs Sports

Choice Kicks Northwest
(Added 1-10-2011)

Chuck's Connection
Site Dedicated to Chuck Taylors! (Added 10-24-2007)

Formally Kicks-R-Us. Great selection of the newest Nikes and Jordans!

Classic Sports Shoes
(Added 10-24-2007)

Cliff Edge
(Added 10-24-2007)

Club Halsey (Holy Grails)
(added 5-13-07)

(Added 3-4-2011)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Concept Shop
(Added 10-24-2007)

Coolest Shop
(Added 10-24-2007)

Crooked Tongues
Based in London, Rare Jordans
SB's and more! (Added 10-24-2007)

Dave's Quality Meat
(Added 10-24-2007)
(Added 10-24-2007)

Deadstock Originals
(Added 6-2-2008)


Defy Boardshop
(Added 1-10-2011)

Deluded Monkey
(Added 10-24-2007)

Di c k's SportingGoods

Dowdle Sports
(Added 1/4/2011)
(Modified 11-24-2010)

DyyHards Vault
(Added 1-10-2011)

The famous athletic sports source! Over 500,000 sneakers! ALL BRANDS!

Eastern Boarder
SB's! (Added 10-23-2007)

end clothing
UK website (Added 1-15-2011)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Extra Laces


Flat Spot
(Added 10-24-2007)

Flight Club LA
Online consignment shop based out of LA!

Flight Club New York
Online consignment shop based out of NY!


Footage by the Cool Shoe Shine
(Added 3-10-2011)

(Added 10-23-2007)

Foot Candy
(Added 10-24-2007)


Foot Patrol
(Added 10-24-2007)

Front Street New York
(Added 1-13-2011)

(Added 10-24-2007)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Hawk & Hunter
(Added 10-24-2007)

Heat Slingers
(Added 11-14-2006)

Holabird Sports
(Added 1-10-2011)

Homerun Kicks
(Added 10-24-2007)

Hot Kix (added 5-13-07) Kickz

HSS Surf
Surf and Skate wear including Nike SB's (added 5-13-07)

(Added 10-24-2007)

(Added 1/4/2011)

Immortal Sole
(Added 10-24-2007)

Industrial Ride Shop
SB's and more (added 6-30-06)

InStyle Shoes
Under new managment! Merged with!!

I've Had'Em All
(Added 3-10-2011)

Jack's Surfboards
Nike SB's, Decent prices (added 7-3-06)

(Added 1/4/20110

JD Sports
(Added 10-24-2007)

Jimmy Jazz
Includes many urban brand clothing and kicks! Nikes, Jordans, etc! (Added 1-18-2011)

Good Selection, Very High Prices, No Luck for Sizes Over 11

Chinese site. English translation (Added 11-14-2006)
The official website of Jordan Brand

Jumpman Sneakers
Operated by Poofyo101

Limited Selection, Good Size Range

(Added 10-24-2007)

Kicks Hawaii
(Added 10-24-2007)

Kicks Crew
(Added 1-10-2011)

The Kick Shop
(Added 1-10-2011)

(Added 1-10-2011)

Kickz Rock
(Added 1/4/2011)

Kickz Store
OK Selection, High Prices
Added 11-14-2006!

Kix Come
(Added 1-10-2011)

Kix-Files Press
(Added 1-10-2011)

Krazy Kickz
Small Selection of Jordans, Limited Sizes, OK Prices, Free Shipping

Lace Locked
(Added 1-10-2011)

Laced Up Authentics
(Added 1-10-2011)

Landau Sports
(Added 10-24-2007)

**Marquee Sole
(Added 10-23-2007)**Mental Kicks
(Added 1-10-2011)

MIA Skateshop
(Added 1-10-2011)

Popular eBay seller/ NT member (Added 2/8/2011)

Millennium Shoes
(Added 2-14-2011)

Mita Sneakers
Japanese Site (Added 10-24-2007)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Moe's Sneaker Spot
(Added 10-24-2007)

Mooovit (redirects to
No shoes, but all the fitted hats to match your kicks! (Added 10-24-2007)


Need Goods
(Added 10-24-2007)
Official Website of Nike!

Norse Projects
(Added 10-24-2007)

Limited Selection, Not Many Sizes, OK Prices

No Tone
(Added 11-14-2006)

NY Sneaker
(Added 1-10-2011)

Office Shoes
(Added 10-24-2007)

(Added 1-4-2011)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Really Good Deals in the "Sale" Section

OneUp Sneakers
(Added 1-10-2011)

(Added 1-4-2011)
(Added 6-2-2008)


Pick Your Shoes
Awesome selection of the latest and greatest! Free shipping!

Plus Skate Shop
(Added 1-4-2011)

Premium Laces NY (Added 5-13-07)

Private Stock (Added 10-23-2011)

(Added 11-14-2006)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Raffaello Network
(Added 10-24-2007)

UK based website! (Added 1-18-2011)

Carries Some Kids Jordans, Good Selection

(Added 1-10-2011)

(Added 10-23-2007)

(Added 2-15-2011) Germany based website. Nice selection!

(Added 3-5-2012)


Shoe Affliction
(Added 1-19-2011)

(Added 1-4-2011)

(Added 10-24-2007)
(Added 10-23-2007)

Good source of the hottest kicks/apparel from Nike/Jordan Brand! Offers Free US shipping!
Ran by pipe slaya

Shoe Metro
(Added 1-4-2011)

Shoe Pirates
(Added 10-24-2007)

Japanese website
Mostly lower end shoe brands

ShoeTrends(re-directs to


Shoe Zoo
(Added 1-4-2011)

Sideline Footwear

Size ?
UK based (Added 10-24-2007)
Many brands of SB shoes (Added 6-30-06)

**Slam Dunk Space
(Added 1-10-2011)

Slam Jam
Euro Site (Added 10-24-2007)

Slam Town

Sneaker Ape
(Added 1-10-2011)

Sneaker Authority
(Added 1-10-2011)

Sneaker Bum
(Added 1-4-2011)

Sneaker Doctor
(Added 10-23-2007)

Sneaker Father
(Added 1-10-2011)

OK Prices, OK Selection

Sneaker Hotline
(Added 1-10-2011)

Sneaker House
(Added 2-20-2011)

Sneaker Pimp

Sneaker Politics
(Added 10-24-2007)

Sneaker Post
(Added 1-10-2011)

Sneaker Preorder
(Added 1-10-2011)

Sneaker Shop
(Added 10-24-2007)

Not a very Good Selection, Outrageously High Prices for US

Sneaker St.
(Added 1-4-2011)

(Added 6-2-2008)

Sneaker World
(Added 10-24-2007)

Sneaker World Wide (added 5-13-2007)

Berlin based (Added 10-24-2007)

Sole Legit
(Added 2-14-2011)

Sole Redemption
OK Selection, Very Good Prices, Free Priority Shipping in US and Canada

Good selection and prices

Sole Supremacy
(Added 1-10-2011)

Sportie LA
(Added 10-24-2007)

SS20 Skate & Snow Store
(Added 10-24-2007)

Starks Laces
No shoes, Just laces! (Added 10-24-2007)

Street Gear NYC
(Added 3-10-2011)

(Added 3-10-2011)

Suite 2206
JB Classics Website (Added 10-24-2007)

Swish Basketball
(Added 1-10-2011)
Nike Employees ONLY!

Tactics Board Shop
(Added 1-4-2011)

The Tank
(Added 1-10-2011)

Torre Big and Tall
(Added 2-20-2011) Station
UK based Site (Added 10-24-2007)

Trainer UK
(Added 1-4-2011)

Ubiq Life
(Added 10-24-2007)

(Added 10-24-2007)

Under Crown
Alot of Sneaker related fashion, No Nike/Jordans though (added 5-13-2007)

Great Selection of the newest Nike/Jordan kicks! FREE USA SHIPPING!

Urban Industry
(Added 1-10-2011)

Urban Outfitters
(Added 10-24-2007)

Utility Board Supply
Nike SB's (added 6-30-2006)

Relatively High Prices, Good Inventory, Consignment shop!(redirects to

**VMV Inc.
Great selection of not-yet released shoes and more!!

UK website (Added 1-17-2011)

(Added 10-24-2007)

No Nikes or Jordans


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Originally Posted by Wooly11

excuse me sir Ijapino, I feel that it's time for staff 2 review some more of those sites and please change the guidelines as 2 how a site becomes legit. It's all good tho, NkeTlk can snitch on me and get me sent 2 prison for life and I will alway forgive thee.
The sites get reviewed as often as we get a chance. However, with so many sites around we can't always get to them all. If theres a site in question orone that is found to be fraudulent, please post it so I can review it myself.
Joined Apr 17, 2007
Anybody order from Kikclusive lately? Have any current reports?...I know they are legit, but it seems like I've heard some tales of sketchyness recentlybut I can't remember. I sent them a "test" e-mail to see what their communication skills are like. So far, no response. (E-mail sent around 4PMCST.) Just wanting to double check before I jump in head first. LMK!
Joined Jun 11, 2008
Originally Posted by aheezy

hey everyone! i had ordered frm Kixclusive and thought they were totally ripping me off for $300+ turns out they were just really busy opening their new store and understaffed. i waited a little longer than expected but they ended up coming through and getting me my space jams!! so forget about anything terrible you heard.. they were just having a rough time.. .like all of us have had at least once in our lives! i will order from them again, and thats something i wouldnt have said a month ago!
when i read this i think about that this person has only one post and its a post defending this do us NTers no this isn't aperson trying to scam more people...i'm just saying it just seems kind of suspicious to me
Joined Mar 6, 2005
Originally Posted by hollywoodj10 are a bunch of frauds.... I purchased a pair of obsidian 12's from them on the Jan 31's and I have not recieved my shoes yet nor have I recieved any emails from them after sending multiple emails to their "customer support" email.... I just filed my dispute with paypal and will never be doing business with them ever again..... If you are thinking bout ordering anything from them save yourself money and time and shop elsewhere....
Very true, just ordered my kicks and have not recieved info on my status. I have sent multiple E-mails and no response. Never doin business with the site again. Buyer Beware do not order from this site

Joined Mar 13, 2007
I'm not sure if Slamdunkspace is legit or not, but JAY who runs the site is a con artist.

I've been waiting 2 months for an order.

I'd advise any and everyone not to do business with him.
Joined Apr 21, 2006
their shoes are real, but buy u at your own risk, look at their twitter timeline they have a lot of complaints and people asking for refunds. They just refunded me money on some shady ness, because they raised the shoes 20 dollars then it sold out 2 weeks after i brought it. then they waited 3 weeks and refunded me my order because other people brought the shoes 20 dollars higher, immature lack of business sense kids running that site. Paypal also sent me a email saying the seller had a lot of cases open and did they fulfill my order



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Originally Posted by nycpushhead

As you said yourself, you have to buy at your own risk from them. We understand that they may not be the most professional site on the list, they do in fact, sell LEGIT sneakers. I'd rather keep them on the list and leave people's reviews on them so they can decide for themselves.
Joined Jan 1, 2009
Thanks for the ADD ijapino!!!

If anyone orders from our site and has any questions or concerns whatsoever, feel free to PM me here or e-mail us at the "contact us" link directly on the site.

Joined Sep 28, 2008
I ordered a pair of Air Jordan KO's from (turned out to be the last pair they had) and here's what I have to say about them

  • Shoes are legit
  • Quick and easy communication
  • Fair shipping fee to U.S.A.
  • Shipped to U.S.A. from Canada in  6 business days
  • It took longer than 4 business days to get a tracking update
  • You have to be proactive in getting status/order updates
  • Shoes came in a plastic bag within a shipping box WITHOUT the original Air Jordan box
  • Left shoe was missing the cardboard shoe trees 
I'm annoyed 'cause I like to keep my Jordans in their original shoe box and shoe trees to keep the shape when they're not in use. Since is a physical store and the shoes I got being the last pair, my guess is the left shoe was used for display or to try on by customers.
Joined Oct 26, 2004
just giving a heads up... i dont know if any of you guys have ordered from but ive had a bad experience with them. long story short i ordered a pair of shoes that they said they had in stock later to find they " sold the shoe to a customer who pre ordered them a month prior to my order" then said they will be getting another shipment soon. i kindly asked for a refund. they stoped contacting me. i am now in the middle of a credit card dispute with them.


Joined Jul 28, 2008
Ordered from and got 'em quick and they are authentic. I'm satisfied.
Joined Mar 23, 2010
I ordered the SB Neon -Jpacks - form he is also an ebay seller - n1ck11 /
As far as I can tell these are legit. They look and feel like other premiums SB's I bought locally from a legit dealer. I am going to have them Legit Checked on NSB because I am not sure if they are faking these yet.

I dont know how he gets these (must have a connection to a store, or nike somehow (maybe just reps). I asked... he did not say. I think that is to protect his business as he is most likely not an authorized online seller.

Other than that he is very cool and easy to work with. 
Joined Jul 12, 2010
Can we get on the list? Our website is creating a lot of buzz right now and we have sold a lot of shoes so far the site is 100% legit and you will find deals around!! New products being added daily and we will be setting up tables in shows at Nashville, Cincy and Dallas this summer! Come check us out at
Joined Mar 27, 2011
is legit? its based in canada so thats probably why it hasnt been reviewed?
Joined Jul 5, 2011
I am a long time Jordan collector that has decided to sell my collection. I have created this website as a hobby and a way to sell my kicks. My friends saw the site and asked me to sell for them as well, so now it has become a consignment website. I am promise you that all the shoes we have are authentic and will not post them unless we are 100% sure. Every pair you see on kicksconcierge are deadstock and come with the original boxes. Please contact me with any questions and take a look at our site. Thanks!
Joined Oct 26, 2004

I ordered from here and got my shoes quick! The staff is super friendly as well. Only down side the inventory is super small. I think there just starting up. They also do consignment.
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