OFFICIAL LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS 2022-2023 Season Thread (40-36; @ MEM on 3/29)

Dec 13, 2004
heave that sh*t!

lue so frustrating, dude has two bigs to back up zu in diabate and brown but still chooses to not give them some burn

i get it they dont have that experience but neither does the lakers big and right now he's just eating inside the paint
Sep 14, 2000
Can’t start ****ing around. Refs will let make sure the Lakers get back in this game if we allow it to happen.
Dec 13, 2004
good win, playing the lakers definitely kept them motivated

im afraid if it was anyone else, they woulda coughed up that lead but it was good to see them turn on the defense in the end, the 8-0 run due to this hustle play really caped the game, ham raised the white flag after that

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Nov 25, 2017
boys always show up against the lakers
Nov 2, 2012
Great win last night! Too bad I we can't play the Lakers every game. Few take aways from last night...

- clearly Ty Lue decided to let LeBron shoot 3's based on his poor percentage this season and stop everyone else and he almost burned us. LeBron has now scored 40 or more points against all 30 teams in the NBA. Clippers was the only team he hadn't scored 40 on until last night.
- can always count on 3-4 TO's from PG13. Don't like the idea that he's running the Point Guard position. Hopefully this gets address with the trade deadline. and we get a Mike Conley type PG.
- need to practice more with entry passes to Kawhi. Don't understand why this is so difficult.
- love when the 3 ball is falling but also need other ways to score when the 3 ball is not falling.
- nice to see Reggie and Roco having an impact.
- hopefully this current win streak is building toward more chemistry and a regular rotation with guys getting used to playing with each other. We love to finish in the top 3 in the West.
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