Official Los Angeles Dodgers Summit #2 #NTLA - Rockies @ Dodgers- Sept. 28, 2013- 6:10PM - DEADLINE

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General Information:
Due to the great turnout with the first summit, i decided to throw a weekend summit for those that could not make it due to scheduling problems. The Game is on Saturday September 28, 2013 . The Game Starts At 6:10PM , So Please try to be at the stadium at 5pm, we will enter the stadium promptly at 5:30PM to get food ! This is also a giveaway game, for a Dodgers snuggie :lol:

To avoid the lines, please get to the stadium an hout early! trust me, the lines for food during the game is :smh:

We are getting all you can eat seats in the right pavillion. depending on how many people go we will either be getting Section 308 Row B (up to 15 people) and/or row C (up to 30 people total). so as of right now all i know is for sure were getting right pavillion but as the deadline comes up ill have more of an idea of where well be sitting.

The price for tickets will be set at $34.50/each (averaging the price of row B + Row C). if i am able to get them cheaper i will let you know, and refund you. we will meet up and ill hand you your ticket there. PLEASE BE SURE YOU WANT TO GO WHEN YOU PAY DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH REFUNDS. ONCE YOU PAY TICKET IS YOURS.

lets make this happen!!

[COLOR=#RED]The hard deadline is August 15th to get your money in![/COLOR] As this is a giveaway/saturday night AND the dodgers are doing good, i expect this one to sell out early (the all you can eat pretty much sells out every game)

I really don't want to do any IOU or cash , because if you flake I'll be stuck with the L

Please Check Into this Spreadsheet if you are thinking about attending just so i can get an Idea of how many people will be coming.

[COLOR=#RED]#NTLA2 Spreadsheet[/COLOR]


How to Pay:
Send $34.50 via gift to either:

Chase QP:
BoA: Contact Me


Where we are sitting/meeting:

We will be sitting in section 308 Row B and/or C

This is where i will try to be in the parking lot, Section 6 off of academy road, i reccomend everyone try to park there, but if you cant , at least try to be in the area circled or you will have to walk around. TAKE MY NUMBER DOWN OR CHECK THIS THREAD THE DAY OF SO YOU CAN FIND ME (will post closer to date )
i will be at the park 1.5 hours before the game starts. we will meet in the same place, under the t-mobile/coca cola sign

After the Game:

2nd round at SAM's Hofbrau ? :wink:
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When's your birthday? Mines on the 30th of Sept.

I may be going to this. Drive wont be too bad as I'll be moving to the valley in August.
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Wont be in town this time but had a blast at the last one, if you didnt go the first time you definitely wanna go this time around.
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