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What is AFFLUENZA, you say?

affluenza, n. a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.[sup][1][/sup]affluenza, n. 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by the pursuit of the American Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth.[sup][2][/sup]

It's time to say goodbye to this materialistic society.  I've had a good run. However, in the end, much of the material things acquired were never ever really worth it.  Maybe at the time it made sense to pay $8 for a rum and coke at a club/bar and giving the bartender $10 and telling them to keep the change.  Now a days I cringe when I think about what it costs the bar to make that drink (about .28cents or .45cents if you get top shelf).  No more, NT.  It's time to be the guy behind the bar, not the clueless dude ordering the drink. 

-5 shoes left in the 'collection'.  Only reason to hold on to them is because they are irreplaceable at this point until they decide to retro them but there is no word on that.  1 pair functional running shoes, 1 pair basketball shoes, 1 pair black oxfords for work.  Wear them until the soles fall off.

-Getting rid of the DVR.  The HD package.  No premium channels.  200 channels and I watch 4-5 at the most. 

-Eating out, fast food.
@ how much money is spent eating out.  Typical table service lunch ~$12-$15 per meal.  Fast food ~$5-$7 per meal.   Turkey sandwich, drink, chips, piece of fruit = $13 for meals for the entire week.

-A phone to take and make calls and sends texts.  Use it until it breaks. 

-$100 for a GPS?  $3 road map. Oh a GPS is easier? Man up and learn to read a map.

I could go on but the point has been made. 

Companies have put a death-grip (or is it debt-grip) on people's lives.  You must have this.  You must have that.  Rabid consumerism.  Predatory lending.  Screw the Joneses and their $45,000 SUV that gets 12mpg and has enough horsepower and gadgetry to climb mountains but will never do more than make trips to the grocery store and pick up the kids from school. 

The revolution has begun. 


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I'm kind of there already, just because I don't have alot of money. Less than 10 pairs of shoes? Yeah. No cable TV? Check. And no car, no laptop, no ipod touch, no fancy clothes, I hold a pretty cheap lifestyle just because I've never had that much money or the tendency to spend it.

I prefer to stay away from all the materials and spending. When it is my time and I've made it, then I'll ease up and start to spend more money on cars and clothes and stuff, but I'm far too young and unestablished to be spending that kind of money. 80% of the time it's just to have the latest %%#@ and try and stunt.

I was never that dude and I will never be that dude who was a relentless baller. I used to try and pretend like I was "fly" and decked out but forget that, I'm far more content with making money, putting it away and having fun without materials.


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I like the thinking OP. I've contemplated doing this many times but I just can't fully pull the trigger.

My downfall is the internets--way too easy to keep up with the newest/latest. Sometimes I wish it never existed b/c it has become such a distraction that leads to other distractions.
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I just sent shoes to the Philippines, weight off my soul.
It felt even more amazing crushing and recycling shoe boxes that I once felt important.
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Ive sort of been like that for a couple months.. No tv, no xbox, no internet, no laptop, dont go to the mall anymore, dont waist money online anymore, deleted my facebook, started going to the store more than hitting up fast food joints, have like 3 pairs of shoes left, I rock basic tees and bball shorts everyday. Just been focusing on my relationship with my girl, school, the gym and living a simple life now. It feels good.
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I can somewhat dig it. I like things minimalistic in the sense of design. I like clean and simple looking cars and sneakers.

Also, I've somewhat taken a minimalistic approach to clothing. A plain v-neck, Jeans, and sneakers. Most comfortable and versatile outfit yet so simple.
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i feel you on a lot of those, but at the same time if you have the resources i dont think its such a bad thing to indulge every once in awhile. trust youll get tired of that turkey sandwich every day.

cosign on the rabid consumerism. i buy what i need, and splurge on stuff i want sometimes (xbox, movies, recreation). you just have to be a semi-skeptic and be able to filter the hype and BS
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i cleaned my room and threw most of the things i kept out. scratch these memories. make new ones. keeping the little things tells you that its a plateau that you cant do more.
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I moved to India three months ago, all my possessions fit in a big backpack and I've never felt more free. I've got a bunch of shoes, clothes, etc back in storage in America that I don't miss at all.

We have so much that we don't need, and people live happy and beautifully with so much less.
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Originally Posted by bjamez20

i can dig it

I've been slowly trying to do this, but the "gotta have it" mentality creeps up on me and hits hard. I wanna live more on experiences had, than racing through life to buy unnecessary luxuries. I end up looking at #@%! I buy, laying around and just
because I know I didn't really need it. This thread should also be a support group 
. Consumerism is at an all-time high and isn't slowing down at any foreseeable time, also many people don't seem to care. 

I'd rather start saving up money and spend it traveling. 
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On that road as we speak....Once I had to start selling things to make rent, I realized everything I have/had was for nothing....I have most of my collection, but I sold anything that will make me any money (except my Ugly Duckling Pack...can't part with those
)...Sold all my L.V. stuff  

I'm not one to sell things and take a lost, but I figured if I have more than enough then I wouldn't have to buy more and I been doing good....I still browse for certain things here and there, but I've held myself back from buying because I got more important things I have to get paid. (backed up bills/back taxes

The worst was having a phone plan worth 80+ dollars a month when I hardly used my phone; just had it to keep up with the Iphone propaganda (haven't had a phone in the past 5+ months). Anyone who wants to talk to me can hit me on the interwebz or wait til they see me...Only thing on my mind as of late is being around fam, finishing school, getting into a career and SAVING. My next big "materialistic" purchase will hopefully be to own a decent home, but it will be years until I make that dream a reality....Keep yourself around positive/non materialistic people and you'll see/be the change you want to become. 

Stay strong my friends.
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I've had this mindset for a few years now, and it became even more important when I moved into my condo. Minimalism can exude itself in space, design, and function too. Most people would call my place empty but whatever. No DVR, no living room TV, etc. I sold my J's collection years ago. No more buying shoes I don't wear. Just EXCESS. What I don't mind a lot of, maximizing, is my bank account.


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I lived like this for a year, the part of Asia I stayed in didn't have much to offer shopping-wise. Stayed in a room with a bed and a desk, thats it. No TV. Just internet. Living on $10 a day. It was pretty liberating to see what I don't need.
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Right now it's not a choice for me (college student
), but I really don't need much to be happy. This is something I don't mind sticking to.
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im with you op

spending within your boundaries

and the knowldge to understand that you
dont need all that stuff

stress free it is
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btw, has anyone ever shopped for what they needed at a thrift store? find anything good? 
it seems like a better place to shop for essentials, while not having to bend over to ridiculous prices.
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