Official Mitchell and Ness Thread: Jerseys, Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Questions POST EM UP


Joined Oct 24, 2010
My Miami Heat alternate 05 - 06 shorts came in not too bad for $69, sorry for the bad quality photo used an old iPad.

Where were they for that price

Been playing ball a lot more, need some black Authentics

Black wolves still elude me and now they’re gone everywhere
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Noticed that the "BLAZERS" font on the 2000 Sheed/Pippen M&N authentics is too small compared to the OG version. Talk about nitpicking but I always felt something was off with the M&N version.
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So can anyone tell me why Charles Barkley's jersey wasnt released with the dream team jersey? Was it because they were unable to secure his rights?
Yeah they haven't had his rights in forever. As far as my knowledge, they've made 5 jerseys of his (old jock tag home/road Sixers, big square jock tag Sixers, 89 all star game, and white Suns).
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kinda thinking Barkley wants a higher royalty than everyone else. Im sure Kobe and MJ have a higher one as well, but everyone else might be at a set %
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Has anyone seen the platinum shorts in person? Most pics make them look like they're just a shinier version of the home whites. Are they closer to being silver?
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I just want a damn home Suns sunburst jersey. M&N needs to stop jacking around! Barkley would be money, but I’ll gladly take a Nash, Majerle or KJ.
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Ya I been wanting a barkley jersey for the longest… I wouldn’t mind a purple suns or a home rookie sixers jersey but that aint happening anytime soon smh
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I wish he'd stop playing, I want a damn Barkley Suns jersey
I just want a damn home Suns sunburst jersey. M&N needs to stop jacking around! Barkley would be money, but I’ll gladly take a Nash, Majerle or KJ.
A Suns Barkley is my number 1 dream as that was my first Champion jersey as a youngster. Quit being petty Chuck and make us happy.

Thierry Henry

formerly louislagerfeld
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If ya'll want Barkleys, seems like you're gonna have to go the custom route, buy another player, and strip and redo it. The retail ones that are out there are rare and are drying up quickly. I know someone who's gone this route...


Where did they get them done? EPS?
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For what it's worth, Barkley is negotiating his rights as far as I know.

Not sure what his discussions are with Mitchell and Ness or if M&N just gave up and stopped caring and rather focus on other merchandising, but I know for a fact that Barkley is negotiating his rights as he is currently in discussions with Arcade1up to use his name/likeness for the NBA Jam A1U cabinet that will be releasing soon. That came straight from A1U at Las Vegas during EVO. I even spoke to the A1U people as I happened to be shooting craps and he told me that. I also told him bull**** because he won't give M&N the greenlight since forever, but he assured me that they are/will be closing a deal with Sir Charles for the NBA Jam release.
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