Official N.Y. Yankees 2009 SEASON THREAD (103-59) WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!

Joined Sep 23, 2004
There was no way I was staying up to watch that game, early class the next day FTL. When they started that rally I was like [DMX] Here we go again![/DMX]

Yall know I'm not the biggest fan of Arod but props for the work he put in. I didn't see the defensive play he made but Sterling was beyond animatedwhen he made the call

Afternoon game today

Btw- I hope we do keep Matsui, his numbers despite the injury are excellent.
Joined Oct 28, 2006
@ everyoneclowning on onewearz

Lets see if AJ can pitch good tonight...If we win tonight at Boston loses I think we are in great shape to wrap up the division this weekend
Joined Jul 22, 2004
I just want to sweep Boston and wrap up the AL East. This win is a good look for the team. We're 4-6 against them this year right? whatever. After today wegot 6 home games to close the season. We should be able to hit 100 wins.


Joined Jul 6, 2006
I was watching the game from the comfort of my bed.

Playoff berth, it feels good
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