***Official NB CUSTOMS THREAD Vol. 998 got us gassed up...***

Joined Apr 20, 2005
A just figured I would start a thread to load up all pics of people's 998 customs ideas. I think it's amazing that we have this as an option now but I think we really were clogging up the new balance thread with a lot of ideas that haven't been necessarily ordered or made yet.

When real pairs come in, I think both threads are appropriate to post in, I just realized how many mock ups I've made that I didn't want to post in that thread cause it's just too OD

View media item 1571302View media item 1571300View media item 1571298View media item 1569189View media item 1568541View media item 1568543View media item 1569186View media item 1569188View media item 1567897View media item 1567701
View media item 1571469View media item 1571470View media item 1571471View media item 1571472View media item 1571473View media item 1571474View media item 1571475View media item 1571476
Joined Feb 2, 2014
If you make a thread for customs then all customs should stay here
Joined Apr 20, 2005
Nobody seems to be using this thread to display or talk about customs, so might as well lock this up. Probably just simpler to have it all in one thread.
Joined Dec 13, 2014
No. I came for info on the J Crew release and all I see are custom post.
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