OFFICIAL NBA 2017-2018 Off-Season Thread

Which Kobe was better

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After the best offseason in NBA history, media days are here, training camps begin tomorrow and the preseason starts on Friday. Here's to what hopefully is a great and entertaining season even though the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Biggest question right now looming over the league is whether or not the reigning MVP will sign his extension by the Oct 16th deadline. Presti has done all he can, but if he doesn't, think it signals this may be the end of the OKC franchise as a viable and relevant one coming very soon.
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-StephGod return to MVP form
-Wallstar Glizzy...50 win Wizards
-Point God in the WCF
-Magic Jokic
-Mudiay breakout
-Bari return #JustWaitonIt
-Jonathan Isaac era begins
-Playoff Melo again
-25/10/5 Blake Griffin
-No pleas for that stat chasing PG in okc :nerd: #NotmyMvp
-9th finals loss for L3/8ron
-Peak GSW = Baskeball at its zenith
-Prime Gordon Hayward
-Dwight Howard resurgence
-Nuggets Playoff birth
-Will Barton, 6MOTY
-Dlo benched

All this happening this year. Book it. Can't wait :pimp:
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My main man Harden
My main man Alphabet
My main man Curry
My main man Dirk
My main man Liam Schroeder
My main man Myrie
i f heavy with nearly all your main men....

magic bout to show the league whats good with the lakers again, dont sleep on it. we bout to be back.
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