OFFICIAL NBA 2017-2018 Off-Season Thread

Which Kobe was better

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I remember sitting with my boys in my boys basement that entire day them the tweet of him going to Miami got released. We all just deflated. We thought he was going to the Knicks to play with melo. :frown:
What kind of crafts were you guys making since you were like 8 at the time? I bet you guys made a bunch of hand turkeys.

Here's a live look at you and your crew at the time

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One thing's for sure, the last two free agent decisions by Bron were options that no one expected.
It was obvious he was going to Miami. Wasn’t expecting him to go back to Cleveland, though with the way they were setting up with their tanking picks, combined with the way the Heat lost and Wade looking washed at the time, it became very realistic.
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For those old enough to remember...
Where was the general consensus as to where LeBron was going in 2010?
Chicago or NY?
Ny or Staying in cleveland
I remember at wotk we had that stream up and when he said south beach, it shocked everyone
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