Official NBA Swingman Jersey Thread! Show your collections, legit checks are welcome!

Joined Oct 12, 2015
Hi everybody,

Can you help me again?

Is it legit or fake? i have doubt about some details.

Thank you very much
Joined Dec 22, 2012
You know how the lettering on the Nike Swingman jerseys seem very small, like they’re youth jerseys? Do the Nike authentic jerseys have the same issue?
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hey guys IM BACK after a long forum absence lol...
anyways, with champion and vintage Nike I'm not bad at telling but I am not familiar with the new Nike jerseys yet. Here is a sample obviously for his low price (45$) I'm lead to conclude this guy has a bunch of china fakes, but would anyone be able to point out the differences from these and legit new Nikes if these are indeed knocks.


Joined Jun 7, 2017
It's fake.
Nike swingman jerseys are not sewn, everything is heat pressed on the official ones.
They only have the ad patch if they're bought in the team store.
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Is anyone sizing down on the Nike Swingman? Got one a few months ago and was surprised to receive a 52 when ordering XL. Didn't dare going for a L. But I usually wear 48 in jersey.
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Back in this thread to share a website I discovered while searching some EU Champion jerseys :

Maybe some of you knew about it ? It's a kind of archive of all the NBA jerseys made by Champion for the European market, I didn't even know some of those were made (white Pacers jerseys, Grizzlies, etc...) ! And here I was searching for a Drexler blue Rockets jersey, but now I know that it was never made haha. I guess I own all the blue Rockets jerseys available (Olajuwon, Pippen, Barkley, Mobley, Francis).
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I would say fake. The stitched Adidas logo above the Celtics font looks off. The cut of shoulders is suspect too.
Thanks! I couldn’t tell whats wrong with the adidas logo and the cut. But what looked off to me were the stitching on the “GARNETT” and the plastic thread used to attach the tags
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Thanks! I couldn’t tell whats wrong with the adidas logo and the cut. But what looked off to me were the stitching on the “GARNETT” and the plastic thread used to attach the tags
Yeah, now that you mention it "GARNETT" looks pretty off too. The stitching as well as the font. The shoulders are a bit too 'squarish'. In terms of the Adidas logo, it's a bit difficult to explain but I'll try... if you look carefully at the stitched logo, the 3 stripes on the on the left / slanted side are completely aligned. On the real Adidas logo the 3 stripes on the left / slanted side are not aligned (they look like slanted steps... if that makes any sense lol). Just check the difference between the logos on the 5th pic. The logo on the tag is how the Adidas logo should look like, the stitched logo how it shouldn't. Once you see it you can't unsee it :lol: These incorrect logos are usually a quick tell when it comes to recognizing fake Adidas products.
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