Official New Balance Thread

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Can’t find who was looking for these in a 9.5 but might be the cheapest atm

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The 1300 looked really nice. Simple great colors. Only thing I hated was the FIEG on the back heel...His old collab shoes rarely used his name or KITH branding, but his recent Asics GLIII has FIEG all across the tongue as well.
Dang I thought it was only the RCs that had the FIEG on the heel. Thats kind of a bummer.
I had the super blue 3.1s with the Fieg on the tongue and got rid of them partially because of that lol.
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I’ve got to say these hype drop support posts are too numerous. Someone should just post one poll post and people use one emoji to signify their status. Fire for hit, sad for miss, wow for uncertain. Whatever. I hate to have to wade through 72 pages of nail biting nervous nellies just to find a dope heads up to a new pair for sale or a site sale, or one of vidiviciun’s fire *** NB1 posts. Even a hater as troll post adds an interesting viewpoint on product that is better than release diaries.
Also pickup posts are kind of wack if you aren’t posting on foot pictures. They don’t even have to be great pics. I’d normally try to post an on foot pic, but I’ve been running through my Saucony section recently. That being said I’m about to violate my pickup post grievance right now to celebrate me using up all of my raffle luck for the rest of 2020. I had to make sure they came in before it was real. 2x grey jjjjound raffle wins from SNS and End. I usually fare poorly at raffles. Definitely trying to trade the 11.5 towards a portion of a trade for JFG or wtaps in a 12 if anybody has a way to help make that happen.
I need 11.5's...I got 12 in 992ag and others. Nice luck!
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I see. I've yet to try the 992 cushioning. I've been wearing my 997 alot and cushioning is like non-existent on those so it starts to hurt if you're walking around all day :lol:
997 and 1500 are hot girls with terrible personalities.

990s are the girl down the street who is a little bit chunky but is down to play Mario Kart, smoke weed and eat pizza 24/7
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Edit: Poor analogy now that I‘ve had a minute to really think about it.
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Can’t find who was looking for these in a 9.5 but might be the cheapest atm

That would be me. I was gonna cop off of GOAT this weekend but I’ll jus cop with the link you provided.

Appreciate it my G.
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920 stock has been rolling out pretty regularly- like anything because this is a made in UK model, you're less likely to find at domestic stockists and moreso EU. I think only 3 of the c/w have released (likely with more stockists of the current colorways in the pipeline), and the remaining for are slated to be released from now until end of year
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