Official New Balance Thread

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Yeah you def wildin' if you believe "heat" is determined by larger society. :lol: |l
We’re basically disagreeing over semantics. I’m not that into the Salehe’s either and I never buy shoes because they’re hyped. I feel like I’ve said about a hundred times that I have never owned a pair of Yeezy’s or Dunks.I don’t even have any Jordan’s anymore and if I did get a pair it would just be to ball in, not to wear out. So I don’t care what society at large is into either. But it’s going to be a hot shoe. One I’m not crazy about but still.
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Finally got my pair in on the west coast and I love them. But my god what a CHEAP a** box, and trust me I'm not a box guy. My box feels wet it's so flimsy. And what the hell is up with these thin laces? I Can't stand thin cheap laces like this. I've been semi let down on the quality for the last couple ALD/NB drops. ( Materials on the 827's were super standard and basic )

I can't be mad at this price point tho, for the price point, it's a very very good shoe.
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A long shot but would anybody have a clue where I can get some replacement gold laces for the Foot Patrol 1500 Encyclopedia? Black laces don't do the shoes justice. Thanks in advance.
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LIKELIHOOD just released 6 CWs for the ML2002

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LIKELIHOOD just released 6 CWs for the ML2002

Yeah, I copped 2 already 😩
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