Official New Balance Thread

Joined Jan 25, 2018
Different regions and different taxes. A lot of their stuff is priced higher but a lot is actually priced lower too. I always buy all my Aesop stuff and Birks from END for instance.
People also forget that MSRP is just suggested price. Technically they can charge whatever they want, it’s just dumb in most cases.
Joined Feb 22, 2020
Just a heads up. I tried doing a cart jig on New Balance and somehow I received a $20 off discount. I thought maybe that it was my rewards points being applied, but no, my balance remained. I only received an email saying that my items are selling out, with no explicit discount stated, so the $20 off was a welcome surprise. It was for the Agassi 992s
Joined Dec 30, 2002
I wonder how End is always allowed to go freely on the Tax Highway
If you’re a US resident and you buy made in USA from the UK, you’re paying a premium. Same goes for the reverse.

Always try and purchase made in USA/UK from shops within the same country as the factory of production.
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