Official Nike Air Max Penny 1 Updated - 2014 Retro Coming!

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When they skimp on the details in Nike basketball retros they’d be better off not releasing the shoe. It’s a shell of what it’s supposed to be and it’s kinda sad lol. Still no air ups either.


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homes is coo x rare yes, but I personally have soft spot in my heart for the OG orlando CW

IMO its one of the best designed x color blocked nike basketball shoes of all time
Keep telling myself not to pull the trigger and order a pair on Stock or Goat. I just need to be patient.
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but if they're gonna butcher it with the small *** pull tabs and other short cuts, then nike better just don't do it....
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I love mine, they have separated but I just gotta get off my butt and do the reglue lol one of the last big bubble Nike’s
the previous owner must of barely wore them, no signs of separation either. Just did a quick clean up and ready to rock tomorrow.
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