Official Nike ID Thread NEW!!!!! Post our pictures

Apr 14, 2007
Well the old one got closed, so I thought I'd open a new one with my last post on that thread.

Kid Robot inspired AM1's think I'm going to cop these after summer:

December '06 Air Max 180 ID's:
crisone your "AM HL" is some real fire

i should be getting these tomorrow. i'll post pics
viv . not bad
how much do am i.d ' s cost?
what the hell? increase my daily post count mods/admin

"If you
walked by a street and you was walking a concrete and you saw a
rose growing from concrete, even if it had messed up petals and
it was a little to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow from concrete"​

I've fallen in love with ID...I'm gnna do like 2 more pairs before summer ends
nice stuff everyone
Welcome to the club Marco Belinelli!
Almost ready for the 49er sig!
damn crison, love the footscape inspired am1s...]you could hardly tell.
I'll win hands down like it was 6:30​
quality on the dunks low are really nice i got some highs done but i forgot to look at the quality of it since i was so excited to received my package haha umm leather is nice better then i expected i was expecting hard leather but its soft. im happy with my purchase but i cant seem find sb laces to work with my id danny supa anyone know any sites find blue laces that would match be nice

nice ids to everyone

ill post pic of my ids once i get my cam next pay check
looking for: sbtg dunks, bison dunk, california dunks, city attack reverse all size 10 pm me
Why are the AM's 150 now :smh:
I don't wanna spend that much :frown:

I get money, money I got...

Changing the world? Yeah I'm doing it, I just don't show it off to get praise, eff ya'll...
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