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so are the socks anything special? basketball wise? or are they just for looks regarding the kobe logo? :rolleyes
still nothing on inline/concord CW?
They aren't labeled as Elite socks by any means. They feel a lot thinner in the toebox vs a traditional elite sock. The midfoot has some new type of ribbing I haven't seen before.

As I've said a few pages back, they remind me of the structure elite running socks by the looks and they have that same overall feel in person. Thinner than an elite sick, still seem super legit for basketball.

But to answer you question, YES, they are mostly to look "cool" with the shoes. I can see it now, limited socks to go with limited shoes. It's only natural for the evolution of this sock movement that has hit it's stride in the last few years.
Never would've thought there'd ever be a "sock movement" when I first started getting into sneakers 15+ years ago :lol: All good for the younger guys, but I just can't do get into that. Genius stroke by Nike though to get people to buy more by making socks that "enhance" the shoe.
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Bigpoint do you normally wear a 14? or did you size up from a 13?

I was a 14 in the VII's just wondering if this is the same.
Yeah I'm a 14 in everything. Didn't own any VII's, so I can't compare the two unfortunately. The fit for me tho is great. There was no "break in" period needed cos hey fit like a glove.

Btw the grip/traction on the bottom is like slide proof. These joints are tempting me to get my lazy a** back on the hardwood and hoop again 
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Messing with them at work lol really comfy look pretty good on feet. I don't like the thin tongue or the bannana shape but guess ill deal with it
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Im bout to suspend you again just because...
Cold blooded lol

am I the only one thinking the xmas Kobes are great just because of the color combos you can do with the laces???
same goes for the IDs . anytime you can use more than 2 laces .. its nice.
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Someone posted one row from a spreadsheet that showed this upcoming colorway dropping in March - Dark Atomic Teal / Electric Yellow / Atomic Teal.
I grabbed those 3 colors from other Nike shoes and was gonna ask if someone could try to PS a possible version of how the colorway might look, but then I went to see if I could just iD it and well, there you go. That's close enough, no?
It can't be similar to anything like that though, can it? Nike would never let us have the ability to iD a colorway that they were planning on releasing, would they?
What do you guys think? They're pretty sick to me. Other photoshops are welcome!
A picture of these has already leaked. They are a solid teal upper with volt sole. Check back the pages and you'll see.
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to be honest the stripes looked random at first. But after seeing the socks, it made SENSE
so even WITHOUT the socks, I'm cool rocking it. Sometimes things look better when you
understand them. :D

cannot wait.
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